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  1. The windows boot manager for the ssd is in the first slot
  2. How would i tell the difference between the ssd and the hdds
  3. Do you mean the boot menu? I would press f11 but when i do nothing happens
  4. I cloned my boot drive an put it on an ssd but now I’m in my bios and it wont let me boot into it and i changed the boot priority too but it keeps putting me onto the hard drive. I have a msi z370 tomahawk MOBO, should I unplug the hard drive altogether then reboot???
  5. I just did the command powercfg /requests and it said the rainway app was stopping my pc from sleeping so i closed it in task manager and i let my computer go to sleep finally. i guess it has some way to prevent the pc from sleeping and locking, i downloaded it the same time right before windows updated. so i figured windows caused the issue but it was a third party app.
  6. It said that no issues were found is there anything else to try?
  7. Windows updated itself to version 2004 and ever since my computer is refusing to go to sleep. When I click the sleep button all it does is turn my monitors off where as it used to turn my computer fans and lights off. It also doesn’t lock my computer anymore when I put it to sleep and makes it so a tap on my space bar wakes it whereas before I had to hit the power button to wake it. Is there anyway to fix this??
  8. both drives are 1 TB. so i cant transfer it through the windows installer even though it says you can keep the files when installing windows on a new hard drive?
  9. Im upgrading to a new ssd as a boot drive and was curious on how i should go about transferring all my files and windows. should i do it through the windows installer or should i use a third party software to transfer everything from my hard drive to my ssd? also would it be possible to upgrade to windows 10 pro while doing this or would it force me to stay on home?
  10. what software can i use to transfer all my data
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Black-SN750-NVMe-Internal-Gaming/dp/B07M64QXMN/ref=pd_di_sccai_1/133-2965395-2951611?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07M64QXMN&pd_rd_r=50de49ab-c8a4-47b6-849b-f573f365ca9f&pd_rd_w=pt5VY&pd_rd_wg=kkMPa&pf_rd_p=61ce50cf-2379-4458-9044-fa8b402c702d&pf_rd_r=AGYRKHY7N457S4ZM2J2Y&psc=1&refRID=AGYRKHY7N457S4ZM2J2Y\ This one is good right?
  12. cause i saw a 1tb wd black nvme for the same price on amazon as the 860 as well
  13. Its just for gaming and quicker bootup
  14. Can anyone reccomend any good M.2 SSDs (or would a 3.5 ssd be cheaper?) to replace my 1 tb hdd. I dont know much about nvme drives so i dont know what a good deal or price would be for what id be getting. also is there anyway i can transfer all my content from my hdd to my ssd and turn my hdd into a game drive?
  15. We also use family sharing for them to play on their own computers usually
  16. We have played games through steam remote play but tht isn’t an option and we have already started hot seat games but can’t play now with corona
  17. My friends don’t own the game but we all wanna play a hot seat game is there anyway to play together online still without them having to pay 50 dollars each to buy the game?
  18. I found some 3rd party 16 ft led strips and I was wondering if i got an extension to run out of my case would it be possible to hook up to the 12 volt rgb port on my MSI tomahawk motherboard or would that run the risk of breaking or not working at all or should i just use the included controller or app / wall plug
  19. Yes because I saw those and I like the length of the countertop and Ik it will last a long time and will be good if I wanted to use it for something else down the line
  20. so I want to make a desk out of a wood countertop (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Hardwood-Reflections-6-ft-2-in-L-x-2-ft-1-in-D-x-1-5-in-T-Butcher-Block-Countertop-in-Unfinished-Birch-BBCT152574C/301812823_) and idk what legs or frame I should use that would be cheap and affordable. ik the counter itself is expensive but I'm hoping it will last me a long time. any suggestions on what legs or frames I should get would be great.
  21. for the past few days, I have not been able to put my pc to sleep as when I put it to sleep it turned itself back on so I went into the command prompt to see what caused it and it said my ethernet cable so I unplugged and it went to sleep just fine. any idea how this happened? ill post the command prompt too if needed
  22. thats only if you use it too much and they suspect fraud it looks like
  23. not that im aware of you can change the age of your apple id and get access
  24. so when things like discover offer to teens thats with a cosign right