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  1. so i cant put my mac os hard drive in and it will run mac os without using hackintosh because i want to be able to updtae normally and use it like it is a mac
  2. but since im using a laptop hard drive will it be formatted for a laptop
  3. what i wanna know is if a mac hard drive will work as a second os without hackintosh what i mean is like if my other hard drive wasn't there could i go into the boot menu and choose mac os or if it was just my boot menu
  4. so im wondering if i can use a laptop mac os hard drive and put it in my system and download the latest version of mac os. So i can have to boot drives with two os's. i really want to know if i can do it because i wouldn't need hackintoch with a mac hard drive pre-installed with mac os. laptop hard drive is sata
  5. so this is what i have so far http://pcpartpicker.com/list/WzyHGf i might not need the psu, os, gpu, or hard drive so it would be around 400 dollars
  6. i have a micro atx case so i could need a atx board with 2 stick of 16 other than that its probably fine the parts i have is hard drive, case, possibly a psu and graphics. i have assorted peripherals
  7. we dont need a ssd i have an external hard drive to put my videos and 1 tb should do fine for what im doing
  8. i can see if i can get a cheap graphics card if i cant the the donated one
  9. this seems good and i can find out what wattage the psu is and i can see if i can get the graphics card
  10. i dont know what psu it is but i would be getting it from a pre built computer is that is dell and the r7 is from somone donating it
  11. i am using 1080 X 1920 i dont stream but i render a lot
  12. i dont know what wattage the psu is and the graphics card is a amd radeon 7200 i think 2gb
  13. so im trying to build a cheap editing computer but in need help choosing parts I have a case I can reuse and possibly a graphics and power supply that i can reuse here is what i have so far without a case http://pcpartpicker.com/list/TVfn6X Budget 750
  14. i cant find the usage with GPU-z
  15. I checked the status in command prompt and it said ok. but I couldn't find GPU-Z to check my VRAM usage
  16. I am using a Seasonic SSR-550RM 550W 80 PLUS Gold ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply
  17. do you know how i can check it then?
  18. I checked the voltage in the bios screen and the 12 volt and the 5 volt are where they are supposed to be
  19. ok thank you Ill do that when I turn my pc back on Im gonna leave it off for a bit incase the power goes again
  20. My computer that I just recently built keeps freezing and lagging during gaming and just doing nothing on the desktop. I could barely even watch a youtube video but when I play a game its a little better but it still takes a while to just load steam or the game . We did just recently have two very short blackouts (10 seconds tops) but my computer was plugged into a surge protector and then I turned it off right after the power came back on . The specs are MSI gaming h110m micro atx motherboard, 8 gigs of ram, core i5 6400 2.7ghz, GTX 970 4 gig, 1 TB, and a 500 watt power supply. I'm running a non-activated version of windows 10 home.