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Posts posted by BurntNewt

  1. 5 minutes ago, Fasauceome said:

    Under 100%? Like 55 or something?


    If you have low CPU and GPU usage, you have some kind of software problem. If you have high CPU usage and low GPU usage, the CPU is too weak 

    I meant it is 100 percent load 

  2. Just now, Stahlmann98 said:

    It's normal for steam shortcuts to be url's afaik. You need to have steam open in the background for them to work.

    steam is open in the background, this has never happened in the last 6 years of me having steam, and even when steam was closed my short cuts still showed.

  3. All my steam shortcuts turned into .url files and will not launch the games and creating a new shortcut through steam also is not working, i use shortcuts quite frequently and was wondering if there is any solution to this other than going into my 50+ game files to make shortcuts manually.


    Edit: it wont let me go in and do it manually it gives me an error when i try to use the shortcut i make, my steam is fully up to date i tried restarting steam and my computer neither has worked.



  4. 2 hours ago, Zodiark1593 said:

    Transfer them to a PC or some other external storage. Even if you were not having problems, willfully having only a singly copy of irreplaceable photos on your smartphone (you know, the single most abused piece of tech) is a very bad horrible moronic  dreadful unfortunate decision, and should be remedied ASAP.  

    Back up your data, preferably to at least two separate places for stuff you want to keep. Then we can talk phone fixes here. Data recovery is $$$ if, by some small chance, your phone is actually broken. Ask Linus about the hard lesson he’d learned with his company data. 

    so far ios 14 beta seems to be way better i havent had any major lag or unresponsiveness like had before im gonna keep it for a few days and see how it goes

  5. 2 minutes ago, Zodiark1593 said:

    If an app is causing it, a factory reset with a fresh slate (no apps to start, adding them back over time) should kill off any potential software issues in one shot. The heat coming from the phone tells me the SoC is working full throttle.

    If this was a throttling mechanism due to the battery, the heat would be minimal as the SoC would be held back to avoid voltage sag (reducing power consumption and heat at cost to speed), but it isn’t the case here.  Something is forcing the SoC to crank away. 

    i would do a factory reset but i have almost 9000 photos on my phone and other things i cant risk losing, i tried to do a reset of all the settings but still nothing happened

  6. 8 minutes ago, smeek14 said:

    Yea that's not normal... my SE first gen is on ios 14 beta and is lag free. Have you tried a factory reset?

    im updating to the beta rn to see if it helps, i dont see the point of a factory reset if its a software thing wouldnt me restoring from a backup just cause the same issues?

  7. 9 minutes ago, mbntr said:

    well, mine is 66%, apple batteries really suck.

    I have had an iPhone 6 and a 7 and in both the battery has lasted less than 2 years.

    The performance is also crap and the phone overheats constantly, if I try to shoot 4k video the battery lasts percisely 4 minutes and I'm not even exaggerating

    So I guess my phone is basically done for now then.... rip 

  8. Just now, Mateyyy said:

    It's probably the battery. I've been having some of these symptoms (but still to a lesser extent so far) on my 7 as the battery's gotten more and more degraded.

    Either swap out the battery for a new one or just bear with it for a little longer until you get a new phone.

    thats the thing i got my battery replaced just 3 months ago before corona started, im starting to think i paid them to put the same battery in my phone >:(

  9. My iphone 8 just randomly freezes up, overheats, and just overall stops working. It becomes completely unresponsive to the point where i cant open apps, go home, put it to sleep, or turn it off. i talked to apple multiple times and every time they say its fine, but its clearly not fine. is there anything that i could even do for it? is it even worth trying to do something should i just wait for the 12? or get the 11 pro since my phones battery life is already shit. (yes i am an apple sheep i am deep in the ecosystem, and no i do not want an android XD)

  10. When i launch games certain ones will only load into a black screen or a flashing black screen, but when i re install the drivers it seems to fix it so i find my self constantly reinstalling them. could this be a bug or a is it a problem on my end? i have a 1070 Ti.