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    Intel i7 6700k
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    ASUS Maximus VIII
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    GSkill Ripjaw V 3200
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    ASUS ROG GTX 1080
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    WD Black 2TB
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  1. Steelseries Arctis 7, also did i set it up right?

    The knob controls voice and game sounds and the bias from one to the other. In the middle at the marker its balanced but when shifted to one side it'll be more focused on that icon. I advise not to use the surround sound as its garbage. Make sure in your sound settings you also have the correct communication devices selected.
  2. Is the Asus ROG PG248Q a good monitor?

    I'm sorry I have too many monitors at this point. That monitor was pretty good and definitely an upgrade from a 60hz monitor but I upgraded quickly to a 28" 2k 165hz monitor soon after. Its a nice monitor and all but its pretty old at this point.
  3. Is the Asus ROG PG248Q a good monitor?

    I have it and love it. Asus has awful quality control and worse customer service but if you get a good one it works fantastic.
  4. When Clash of Clans came out I got one of my old crappy laptops and installed bluestacks. Incredibly easy
  5. When to Buy My GPU

    Tough to tell. From what I've heard they're trending down. Cant hurt to wait and especially so because the new gen of cards are coming out.
  6. Evga 1070 sc 3.0 vs MSI gtx 1070 gaming X

    I vote EVGA. Their customer service is better and their product even more so. I'll never buy MSI again.
  7. I vote to sell it at market value and upgrade the rest of the system as much as possible. You can always get a 1080 later and for a much lower price. 970 is still a good card imo
  8. Techquickie and Misinformation

    Hard to read. Made me laugh
  9. 1080 144hz on 27"?

    Calm down
  10. 1080 144hz on 27"?

    I would suggest making the jump to a 2k monitor. Its a perfect size too at the 27"
  11. Looking for new headset - recommendations

    The Logitech G430 headset is at the price level or the Arctis 3. SteelSeries makes nice headsets and the Logitech are good for the price.
  12. Can anyone help me get past my school’s firewall?

    Whats with all these kids on this site trying to watch youtube and facebook at school?
  13. HP -> Custom Rig

    I strongly recommend starting fresh in the new system. Just backup everything you need.
  14. Looking for computer chairs

    Just dumped my shitty "racer" style chair and picked this up at Staples. LINK Couldnt stand the back and hip pain from the terrible support on the race style chair. The Staples chair is pretty damn comfy.