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  1. Laptop HDD useful?

    @Psittacnvm i took it out now, yeah it was how you said the first time subir fotos a un foro
  2. Laptop HDD useful?

    subir fotos a un foro I've removed them, still the same issue, I have no idea what to do, I just want the hdd
  3. Laptop HDD useful?

    Hahaha this is the most confusing thing I've ever seen, it seems to be blocked from going up, you can see to the left like a line of black on top of the HDD, that's connected to the back of the laptop. I've taken out all the screws and the back cover just wont budge.
  4. Laptop HDD useful?

    It seems to be in good shape, I tried taking it out but I can't figure out how. I removed all the screws from the back but the back of the laptop doesn't want to get removed
  5. Laptop HDD useful?

    @PsittacI actually thought that aswell, but I don't know. Here is an actual picture. The first thing that comes up is the battery issue, then I press f1 and it shows the no boot thing
  6. Laptop HDD useful?

    @PsittacI was playing a game and ended up dying, I ended up slamming my laptop shut. I don't mean like I slapped it shut. No I slammed it shut. A few hours later I tried turning it on and it gave me like a blue screen with a sad face, forgot what it said. It no longer says that though, it says something about not identifying a battery or something, then it says it doesn't find a bootable drive even though I can clearly see the hdd in there.
  7. Gaming less as getting older? :(

    15, and I myself am feeling the same, before I used to game because I wanted to have fun, now I feel like I am forcing myself to play games. Another problem is that gaming is becoming more competative. Hours need to be dedicated to be good.
  8. Lightshot, used it all my life
  9. Laptop HDD useful?

    @legacy99 Hopefully that's not the case, but yeah I remember exactly what happened and I am ashamed of what I did. But I don't think it hurt the hdd, just the mobo.
  10. Laptop HDD useful?

    Hello, it's been some time since I've been on here, but I wanted to ask a question. So recently my dad brought back the laptop that I had killed back in 2012 or so. Anyways I wanted to know if it was possible to use the HDD from that laptop, plug it into my pc and boot into it, maybe save some files, play on it or something. It has windows 8 on it, so I don't think transferring files would be an issue. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello so I am looking for some good games I can get to play with friends, like FIFA or little big planet where you can play with a person that's visiting or is a guest
  12. Motherboard debug Help

    Yes, first one I put close to the cpu, then skip one and then the second
  13. Hello so after trying to see what's wrong with my pc, I decided to re seat my ram, and try various combinations. In conclusion I've gotten this: RAM seated in pair gives me error 55 which is Early Memory Initialization I forgot if the next one is when one one ram is used, or when I put all four in, but I get error 63, Late CPU Initialization Anyone have any experience with this?
  14. Actually ill try booting with 1 ram. I have 4x8gb ram. Ill try this first and then ill work on the pins again. Also thanks, I just sometimes feel so ignorant that I don't know some things. Cheers though
  15. Really? Sorry for my daft questions, I don't really know much besides how to put two legos together. Anyways thanks a ton for clearing this up.