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  1. I recently started to play gta v online. It's pretty cool, I usually play with a few high ranked friends. But I myself am just a level 12. I leveled up from 2-12 in a few hours. But I wanted to know tips or tricks on how to level up fast. Even get money. I'm even wanting overall information that will make the experience easier, like for example. Buy this because it will be needed.
  2. Hello, I just realized my friend also has GTA V so I wanted to see if we could set up like a private server where only we could play together. Like I can be in my story mode and he can join and play
  3. I guess your pc woke up from sleep mode.
  4. They should come with your pc case, also make sure you press the arrow pointing to the left under someones comment to quote them. Like that they get notified that you replied. Or you can use the @username to mention them
  5. You can try to sell it for $20 on ebay and put [For Parts/Broken]
  6. Where do you live damn that's cheap
  7. Hey. Shhh. Come over here. Scratches arm. I have cool stuff. Come over here. https://www.kinguin.net
  8. You can get $20 from me.
  9. Summer gaming student
  10. Wait, say you had openiv downloaded on your pc. Can you still use it.
  11. Now that you put it like this, the microphone for YouTube and just taking, i don't really need to water cool. My monitor is 2560x1440 60hz. Maybe i need to invest in a 144 hz.
  12. Okay so my budget is around $300, I can probably push it to $400, maybe... Just maybe... $500. USD. Okay so i have an i7-4790K, 980 ti, and the rest are in my signature. So i can use the $300 to get a blue yeti and the new EKWB A240G. But one question I have is, will my 980 ti be able to get watercooled using that kit? I could also try to upgrade my components. Maybe get a 1080 or 1080 ti.
  13. Thanks, i was debating what to buy to improve my setup, not a headset isn't an option. Well an expensive one. I'll just buy watercooling gear and a blue yeti
  14. If what @yathisis true, then go with the cheaper option of them both