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    MSI z97 gaming 5
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    980 ti
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  1. Motherboard debug Help

    Yes, first one I put close to the cpu, then skip one and then the second
  2. Hello so after trying to see what's wrong with my pc, I decided to re seat my ram, and try various combinations. In conclusion I've gotten this: RAM seated in pair gives me error 55 which is Early Memory Initialization I forgot if the next one is when one one ram is used, or when I put all four in, but I get error 63, Late CPU Initialization Anyone have any experience with this?
  3. Actually ill try booting with 1 ram. I have 4x8gb ram. Ill try this first and then ill work on the pins again. Also thanks, I just sometimes feel so ignorant that I don't know some things. Cheers though
  4. Really? Sorry for my daft questions, I don't really know much besides how to put two legos together. Anyways thanks a ton for clearing this up.
  5. Really? Well I guess ill take another look. I was starting to worry maybe it was the cpu failing. Cheers
  6. Hello, so recently a few months ago my z97 gaming 5 started to fail, sent it to msi got a replacement z97a gaming 7, I guess during installation I must've dropped the cpu or something, but I ended up bending the pins, I didn't notice until I tried booting and had no post, but the motherboard lights and case fans and everything all seem to be good, just that my monitor doesn't show anything. Doesn't even turn on. I notice because it turns on by switching from red to white in a little led circle, but it doesn't do it anymore, it just stays red. Anyways like 10 seconds pass like a normal boot, and then it turns off, then tries to turn on. I'm not saying I'm a pro at bending pins back, but I feel like maybe it could be a different issue?
  7. Need compatible z97 board

    Damn, you must be pretty soft IRL if that made you feel pain. Either way thanks for the help.
  8. Need compatible z97 board

    Yeah I need z97 sorry I forgot z170 doesn't support haswell
  9. Need compatible z97 board

    Wow I searched up z97 and that came up, anyways say I bought it, everything would be compatible except my ram right? For $160 maybe I should upgrade the mobo no?
  10. Need compatible z97 board

    Yeah at this point used or not, it doesn't matter, just as long as it's not really bad shape. Maybe refurbished. I can get ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO for $150 but it says DDR4 and I dont know if it's compatible. I could maybe get new ddr4 ram, but I guess they go for $200 for 16gb Was thinking maybe something from a trusted site 😂 don't get me wrong I've used eBay, but I would rather get my pc parts from somewhere else
  11. Hello can anyone recommend a cheap $50-$100 z97 motherboard, will be using it for gaming. I could push $100-$150 but it better be black and red and last me 5 years. Hahaha anyways I appreciate it
  12. Best gaming capture Device?

    Hahaha, that's good I was thinking of getting an elgato, but I thought maybe there was new competition
  13. Best gaming capture Device?

    Wondering whats the best gaming capture device. I will be recording on my ps4 and would like to buy one under $150, I prefer $100 but if I have to push it I could.
  14. My blow dryer has three options, high, medium and low, basically high is really hot and after like 30 seconds get you really warm, which do you recommend