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    MSI z97 gaming 5
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    980 ti
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    3 and a half tb
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    Seasonic 1000 watt
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    Corsair h100i
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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  1. pes 2018

    Will do, but what exactly are those patches and mods?
  2. Upgrades...

    Hello, I haven't really been paying attention at pc specs for a few months now, so I was wondering, should I make any changes to my pc? I was thinking of getting at least a 144hz monitor, but that doesn't really matter. I'm just looking for a big picture. Currently I have an i7 4790k, 980 ti, msi z97 gaming 5 and if I recall correctly a 1200 watt psu. I'm looking to just do some gaming here and there, but I do want to run it at good frames. I'm not having any issues in running my games as of now, but I'm looking for in the future.
  3. pes 2018

    So I'm looking to switch from fifa 18 to pes 2018, the change is hard, but I see potential. I know that for pes its all about the gameplay, so I'm wondering, is there any difference between the demo and the real game? I've played a bit but it's hard to play considering i'm only used to fifa 18. I've also heard about things like patches in pes or something like that? If you can fill me up on that I'd appreciate it thank you
  4. Budget monitor

    Say I go for $400, what would you reccomend me get
  5. Budget monitor

    Hello, a while ago I was looking to upgrade, but decided not to. So today im asking for a cheap 144hz monitor, i prefer not to do any overclocking. Also I would like to stay with 1440p and uograde the hz, but with $200 I dont think that's possible. I could possibly add $100 to the budget, and a really slim chance, that i could add another $100. Anyways thanks a lot and for now my budget is around $200usd
  6. So I recently downloaded a program, and I uninstalled it thru the uninstaller in windows 10, but I found that the files are still on my drive, so I tried to delete them and it says "Requires permission for SYSTEM to make changes to this folder", even thought I am administrator on my pc, and even when I press delete with the shield icon.
  7. Hello there, recently I've been trying to look for more than 1 email provider. The only ones I know that are trusted by majority of the people, are hotmail, gmail, and yahoo. But they can't be the only ones that are highly trusted and well good. I'm looking for basically providers that can match hotmail and gmail and yahoo. At this point I doubt there are any that are like the ones I mentioned. I tried searching it up on google (trusted email providers) but I decided that most of the list probably paid the website to be on the list.
  8. That makes me sad... I bought my pc when is cost around 2.5k
  9. Can I make sony vegas use my gpu?

    My monitor lies to me. Anyways I found another option that was set to using my integrated graphics. So I switched it. Like you said, it does use my cpu, but it's also now using my gpu
  10. OMG I have this issue. similar. When I first boot up my pc none of my peripherals work. So I have to shut the pc down thru the psu, but quickly turn it back on thru the psu. Then my peripherals work.
  11. Hello, so recently I've been starting to notice a lot of choppy and laggy parts when I edit my videos in sony vegas. At first I thought maybe it was just the videos, but I looked at my cpu usage and it was at 100%. I was uhmmm. Anyways, is there a way to make sony vegas use gpu instead of cpu. Not when rendering the video. But when I'm looking back at it in the preview screen. I found an option that says it's using windows graphics card. I don't know if its talking about the integrated or my 980 ti.
  12. This might just be me, but I thought you could see how much space a folder took up gb wise. Say I had a folder, inside that folder I had around 2gb of items. If I looked at the folder it would say how much space it takes up. Is that no longer a thing or am I just making up memories? For example it would say on the side of the folder. like those system files, except it would say next to the folders.
  13. Random desktop.ini file?

    Yeah that's what I was thinking I'm leaning more to an anti virus doing it. I didn't even know how to get to that place.
  14. Random desktop.ini file?

    Wait how do I go about to get to that folder options menu
  15. if I am correct, ryzen= productivity intel= gaming. Not all intel cpu's, but like 4790k, 7600k, and 7700k