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    MSI z97 gaming 5
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    32 gb
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    980 ti
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    3 and a half tb
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    Seasonic 1000 watt
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    Corsair h100i
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razer deathadder chroma
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  1. Razer deathadder, what would you recommend
  2. Would it be an upgrade from a razerblackwidow chroma?
  3. Okay well I need to use $50. I was looking for a better keyboard with brown mx switches, but I can't find any for $50. A better mouse could also be an option but I dont know, so basically I have $50 I have to use. ANy suggestions on what.
  4. Basically I'm looking to spice up my setup. I currently own a Razerblackwidow Chroma, and it's the thing I love the most. But I saw the k70 luxe, and I don't think I want to switch. But I love the WASD keycaps. I was wondering if there are any of those keycaps, compatible with razer keyboard and can let the rgb thru. Thanks.
  5. Well basically I'm looking for a good gaming keyboard that's in red led or rgb. I want it to be brown mx switches. My budget is 50 USD but I would possibly push $80. I'm looking for NEW items. Keyboard and mouse combo's are welcomed. Just as long as they're not generic brand.
  6. Well basically I want to update my pc or overall, to match a theme. RIght now i'm looking for a black and red wallpaper that relates to gaming. Just general gaming, like maybe a lightning bolt, or the MSI logo. A webpage like that. Also I am looking for a webpage or program that I can also create a very basic banner/youtube profile picture. Thanks.
  7. The black and red looks great and it even matches my setup, will look into. I think I'll get the h440, but i feel like its a pain in the but to unscrew everything and rescrew, it's aight
  8. Well i was looking to buy the Alienware Aurora R6 ‑ Core i7 7700 3.6 GHz ‑ 16 but it looks pretty ugly on the inside. I don't think it's upgradeable anyways im looking for a case like that but with cable management and room for lots of fans and great airflow
  9. Hello there, After some time, I've decided to put my my emails and all personal information I might forget on a notepad or folder. This will be used to store emails, and other self notes. I want to password lock these but I want a trusted one. Not just some random password lock. Thank you.
  10. Well recently I noticed that everytime I restart my pc. i get bombarded with apps initiating or loading. Like skype, discord, msi live update, and various other. I like to keep my desktop nice simple and clean. This is a really big issue to me. Anyone know how to disable all of these startup apps or atleast manually?
  11. Im pretty sure i used something like this when i reset my pc. What it did was, since my pc is custum built, it had no bluetooth or wifi or ethernet driver. I used that as a basic driver just so i could install the proper lan driver for my mobo
  12. I feel like this was stupid. For example I'm helping out someone to gain knowledge on basic pc building. He then tells me that my pc build was only using 8gb of ram because I didn't push the other 3 ram sticks all the way in. When he tells me that i get pissed and tell him to never come back.
  13. Even if all you have is the direct download?
  14. Do you know any trusted site like speedtest that it isn't lying?