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  1. Yes i was using one that was just a city away from mine.
  2. Local server? What do you mean by that.
  3. I've set up an appointment for a technician to come and check out everything. But get this. there might be a "small" service fee of 39.99 usd. Which seems dumb cause it's there fault.
  4. I mean why would you want it to be at 100% all times. I was like you too. but now I don't care. What you can do is to go to the software of your card and change it there, or maybe afterburner has an option for it
  5. Well recently I switched from 15 mbps upload/1 mbps upload to 60 mbps upload/5 upload. But after testing that speed the highest I saw was 30 mbps upload and somewhere around 1.4 upload. I feel like this is a rip off. I'm paying $65 for 60 mbps download and 5 upload. Which is not what I am getting. But the thing is I am limited of options here. We don't have google fiber in the city in texas I live in. We don't have verizon fios. The best thing here is TWC/Spectrum. Even at&t isn't that good. It only had 40 mbps download and 1 mbps upload. I didn't even bother asking for the price cause it was going to be more. Honestly I don't know what to do. My house is used by a ton of devices, around 7 or so. But there is not reason for it to be so slow. I'm right next to my modem and using ethernet cat5e and only getting 30 and 1? Sounds bad to me.
  6. No way. Where can I find him, dm me the details
  7. Primero estava pensando, como chingados un mexicano pudo tener tanto dinero. Y luego lei que vivias en europa
  8. I tried overclocking my monitor with a i7 4790k, nothing worked above 60. Not even 61hz. I don't know if it's me who did it wrong, or if that's the limit.
  9. Okay bro I don't understand you. Just tell me it in spanish. I'm better at understanding that than english
  10. Really? so what would be an example of game screening
  11. It used to be. clubpenguin, poptropica, playedonline, coolmathgames.
  12. Really? I guess I misread op's post. I didn't see him ask about waiting for ryzen. All I saw was if it was worth it to get a amd mobo and cpu or get a z170 with 7600k Nope as he says down below.
  13. Depends, if you're a hardcore content creater, get the 1600x and mobo. If you really don't care about content, or you do a little bit, get the 7600k
  14. What do you mean i've seen plenty of reviews on cat 7. Not cat 8 though.