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  1. I have, unfortunately, and there was really nothing gained. They were advocating just retyping the same info dozens of times per day which is, quite literally, the biggest waste of time.
  2. Good Evening, I am switching jobs, and work in pediatric medicine. The office I will be working in is fairly busy, and, due to the nature of the business, much of my documentation is fairly boilerplate, and is commonly repetitive, when comparing multiple charts. My old charting system had well embedded and easily customizable macro blocks of text, which made my life so much easier. This new charting system does not have the ability to create custom macros, nor templates, which could effectively achieve the same goal. As such, I was hoping that someone would have an idea as to how I can work this out. I am not adverse to creating a completely separate keyboard, strictly for each block of text, but may need some help setting it up. If it is easier, I am even up for using macro key strokes, with associated blocks of texts, that can be pasted. Thank you very much!!! SAM
  3. THe first time I formatted the drive, it was in APFS, but I did notice it, and go back and delete the partition, and reformat the drive as OS extended Journaled. Initially, this was an issue, and it would not boot at all, but, after rectifying this, I was able to get it to the login screen, but no farther. I really apprecieate your help.
  4. Hello all, while im aware that this forum is more PC based, in looking for some help. I bought a 2010 iMac, 21.5”, i3, for my sons. The iMac came with 4gb DDR3 ram, and a 500gb HD. My plan was to upgrade the ram to 16gb, and install an SSD, as I already had these lying around. Here is my issue... upgrading the ram has been no issue. But, when I installed the Samsung 860 Evo (500gb), I am having boot issues. Specially, if I remove the SSD and reinstall the HD, the computer boots with no issues. But, when I install the SSD, I can get as far as the login screen, up until I input the password, when the Mac restarts on its own, then the iMac says the “computer was restarted because of a problem”. When I prepared the SSD, I installed the iOS from my MacBook Pro, and was able to restart and run, from the SSD, on my MacBook Pro, using an external HD doc (USB). So, here’s where I’m at... the ram works (I’ve verified it in the about settings with the HD), and the SSD works on another machine, vis USB. I’m not sure where else to go with this, as I would really like to have the speed from the SSD, rather than just the HD. Thanks in advance!!! The attached picture is what I’m getting when I attempt to boot from the SSD, and this is repetitive. PLEASE HELP!!!
  5. I am actually planning to donate it, so I will not know is the device falls into questionable hands. If the drive were smaller, I would just fill it with data over and over again, but it is 4TB, and this would take weeks.
  6. Hey there guys, I have a WD my cloud, which is several years old, and use as more of a convenience drive at this point. I did previously keep sensitive financial and work related information on this, however. On the My Cloud UI, it says that the "data is overwritten", but I cannot find a reference to which data erasure algorithm is used. As such, I was wondering if anyone here knew. In addition, I have several file/free space secure erasure programs, but none of them work on a NAS. So, does anyone know of one that will work for this? I'm sure I'll probably get beat up for this, but, because its relevant... I do use a mac. Thanks!
  7. Good Morning All, I am getting a set of DBrand skins for my newly ordered laptop (Macbook Pro) (Before you say anything, that is the platform they use at work, and they are paying or it, so I have no choice... they did let me spec it out, so there's that :-) ). Anyway, I want it to look a little more representative of my personality, with a little protection from scratches, so I am ordering a DBand skin. Here is my question, have any of you ha experience with the trackpad skin, particularly with the force touch trackpads? I think it would add an element of color to the face of the laptop, but I only want to get one if the function is not affected. Thanks! Samuel
  8. I had not thought about the chromebox. Looking up the specs now. Thanks! I also had only looked for windows systems (I believe they still have windows 2000, actually)... I know.. its sad :-(.
  9. Building one would be a stretch, since I am in med school and have exams at the end of next week. The reason I have the one week time frame is because I am going home after finals.
  10. Hey Guys (and gals), I am in need of some advice here. I am embarking on the futile journey of upgrading my grandparents PC with something a little less commodore 64 than their current setup. Ideally, I would love it if they needed minimal coaching during this transition, but I know this is an unrealistic expectation (thank God for Teamviewer). But, back to the point. I would like to have this ready for them in the next week and don't really have time for a ton of research. So, does anyone have suggestions for a low cost option that works well in this population? They only use the PC for email, internet browsing, and paying bills. There will be no games, video streaming, or even facebook (I've tried...). I have seen things like the intel compute stick, but am not sure how well these actually work and how much maintenance they actually require. I did broach the topic of getting them a laptop, and they are having absolutely none of that. As always, Thanks!
  11. So, here's what I'd like to accomplish, but I'm not sure of what special steps I need to take to get this done. I am building a new serup, all fairly new and exciting. My liquid cooling system, however, has been a great disappointment. I am able to tint the water running through my water cooler, particularly since this will be visible through the open area of the case. So, my goal for this system is to use clear water tubing to remove heat from the setup. I would LOVE to be able to add something like mineral oil (colored) to the water in the radiator cooler, that way there would be something non-native to the system, so we should be able to see the coolant circulate. So... any insight would greatly be apprepreatly