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  1. youmanyousef

    Corsair K65 Wont light up

    Even if i go to cue (i updated it too) it still wont let the keyboard glow despite it letting me update the patterns. I looked at the switch thing in the back of the keyboard and all of the settings dont do anything else but temporarily disconnect and recconect the keyboard Any help?? https://gyazo.com/bcca6f51c16b1f8a7a06c55d24bc4567 what icue is telling me (notice how lighting effects is at 1)
  2. youmanyousef

    Trying to start a LAN room with some friends

    I’ll check later. Thanks. Should I build the systems scratch from used parts or as other user mentioned optiplex old sandy bridge prebuilts with graphics? —- what can I get if I raise my budget a little higher to 2000? For PCs and monitors only
  3. youmanyousef

    Trying to start a LAN room with some friends

    XD im not sure if i’d ever go through with that the hassle, and I don’t have virtual or server access
  4. youmanyousef

    Trying to start a LAN room with some friends

    I was thinking the same thing, nice to have some confirmation and for the link Yep that’s also an option but how is all my 5 friends pitching in for just 3 of them to play at the same time? It’s good idea not gonna lie my cousin has a 2200g and it’s a beast for the price. Where can I find bulk monitors? 60hz is fine and 900p is fine although I would like to use 1080p
  5. youmanyousef

    Which gaming laptop between these 2?

    Both of those are well above 5-10 pounds with charger and mouse, may not seem much until you put it in a backpack... Especially at that price, it really makes me personally steer clear of gaming laptops in general. If I were you i'd just buy a desktop, or a cheaper laptop. but alas the asus one seems to be better.
  6. I tried to ask this fourm for help on this a while ago, and got a response along the lines of "use a ps/2 keyboard" I did today, and Nothing happened.. Im really confused now. One day my computer was acting up and my ssd was real slow, so I went to the bios and did some things. I turned on something called fast boot or somehting like this, or disable watermark? Anyhow when i boot i get American Megatrends instead of Gigabyte, and the Windows logo instead of the Gigabyte logo too. This wasnt a problem until I couldnt even Press Delete, F12 or anything at all! What is this? If anyone knows how to solve this please let me know. Ive used every keyboard I own!
  7. youmanyousef

    Trying to start a LAN room with some friends

    Thanks, and ill keep you posted if I do go through with this. I was thinking of doing 1600x900 monitors, and to be fair I was looking on ebay for a "lot of i5 2400" spec pcs, as they range 115 or lower, add ram and a used 1050 (or even a 1060 rn is really cheap altough i may have to pay more money)
  8. youmanyousef

    Trying to start a LAN room with some friends

    No, hence why we are collaborating on this project. At most some of my friends have hefty i3 1050ti builds, and they wont take it with them (cannot blame them, i wouldn't take mine either) around 5 others, six with my computer. And in the post, I think i said i have an extra computer for lan games, albeit modest at best. (it will at most play gmod type servers) I have my own switch for 4, ill probably buy a new one but its cool. My current rig is a i5 7500 and a 1060 with 16gb of 3000mhz of ram, but a sata3 ssd :/ We sorta have this sorted out. Me and my friends are pretty resistant to extreme heat, but I do have some extra cooling fans and heaters for winter ready. Yeah their chipping in. Thanks! Sorry for taking a while to respond.
  9. If only they were as cheap and reliable...
  10. didnt London start right after intel gamer days though? did n0thing not compete?
  11. youmanyousef

    Which TV would you go with?

    both of them would be suitable, but my relatives got an UJ 4k but the 49" one and I can attest that its decent.
  12. i never keep up with competitive csgo lol i only watched one c9 game a while back
  13. youmanyousef

    Need help removing default display stand

    the second monitor has 4 screws on the back. Detach the bottom with a screw on a bottom or something like that and screw on the plate from the vesa mount, and slide it on. as for the first one, there might be an adaptor for it because im not sure how. you shouldve checked your monitors before you did bought that monitor stand