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  1. Decent Office monitors??

    can i get something like that thats under 200? or 150 even?
  2. Decent Office monitors??

    yeah your right i guess. ill just hold off and save. if I up my budget to 250 dollars, and just use 2 adaptors what can I do??
  3. Decent Office monitors??

    i shouldve rephrased, i meant by decent anything thats clear enough to read documents and the such. I do not need a IPS display like @Sombra has linked me and also the miniDP to hdmi adpater only adapts one, not two. I need to use more than one monitor at the same time. Like i had said, a hub would be nice.
  4. Decent Office monitors??

    My uncle is making his own startup, and wants to expand his display when he gets home from work he has a macbook air 13 inch 2012 and im trying to use the thunderbolt single connector to hook up 2 monitors. these dont have to be ips or anything special, just some real estate (preferably 1080p+, but if its too expensive 900p is decent) and also how would i do the setup? would i use a thunderbolt capable monitor? or just use a hub? any reccomendations. i want this setup to be under 100 dollars for the monitors excluding the cables. Thanks as always
  5. either way if its on a ssd or on a harddrive(not as huge of a problem) if your os is running on it and doesnt have head room then it will slow down. Especially ssds. they need that overhead. basically around 10% free space is when youll start to notice.
  6. Hyperx And Kingston - SSD's

    advertising --> more buyers --> money
  7. it shouldnt, its more like how much you use it, or how hard its enviorment (physical, heat etc) sort of diffrent from ssds lowkey. by "slowing down my pc" do you mean you are running os on the harddrive?
  8. Monitor for GTX 1080

    you might want that real estate knowing that your a mobile developer, so id go with a 1440p monitor if you could true to some extent
  9. Ryzen 3 PC Crashes in heaven benchmark and other programs?

    1) Ryzen3 2200g viper 3000mhz 2x4gb adata xpg sx6000 aureus m evga 80+ Psu 500w 1tb hardline not plugged yet tho never plugged in 2) if you read the title (sorry if I sound mean it’s just im about to rip my hair out) it happens almost suddenly like when uniengine is load or anything is using lots of resource like ninite, it did the same thing. 4) hmm it was around 60-67 degrees cpu and 32 degrees ram and ssd don’t know gpu part 5 no Yes
  10. Ill try to do this again. I got this ryzen 3 desktop (custom built 2x4gb viper ram, gigabyte aurous M), and downloading drivers. At first it was just the network system file giving me a BSOD every 2 minutes or so . I downloaded the drivers for that and the chipset driver on the motherboards website so im fine on that. My ssd is fine, CrystalDiskMark shows its advertised r/w speeds (sx6000 adata 256). Everytime I try the Uniengine benchmark the computer just straight freezes after the airballon ship part.... no bsod no dump file no nothing. Im afraid if I play any games on this thing (esports competitive games like csgo) id be shooting myself in the foot. Is there any way to make this computer actually stable? (I checked on aida64 but not for just 5 minutes and temps are fine. No OC)
  11. Ryzen 3 computer slow as molases and crashes.

    Ehh my bad but I don’t have time for that so I’ll just give up
  12. just got this computer and the closest thing to a virus I may have gotten was a vcredist package from microsoft so yeah... I finially got all the drivers working yay after a long time of the network driver busting a nut every second, and the cpu going from 4 percent to 70 in an instant very rapidly, and the disk speed is slow as well, despite being a m.2 ssd and being pinged at 50 percent. Where did I go wrong?? I will apreciate help because im about to rip my hair out EDIT now im real confused it started working again but now I cant pinpoint whats wrong with my computer still because I cant run heaven benchmark! My ssd speeds are fine (as advertised on my ADATA xpg sx6000)
  13. IFA 2018: Samsung, LG & AU Optronics pushing 8k displays

    its been 6 years and no one in my leauge gives a single shit about 4k yet it seems more and more the press lost touch with the world, so manufactorers can pull shit like RTX with the shadows and the anomaly of TV "standards". damn man i just wanna watch my r/dankmemes after a long day of work smh ps,, im 20/30 and nearsighted as frick...
  14. How hard is it to program this??

    havent really kept up on it for a year tbh, totally forgot...