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  1. big_lilo

    Ask Alexa - "What is 100 in Welsh"... I'll wait...

  2. big_lilo

    [Build Log] Project Nashor [FINISHED]

    Love it. It's unique and not the same "basic bitch" color scheme of white, red & black as everyone else. (myself included lol) Nice work homie.
  3. Hello Everyone, I just bought the new Cooler Master MAF H500P Case and planning on moving my main rig into this case (Current case is the Bitfenix Shinobi XL A.K.A Obi-Wan Shinobi) Because I'm using Rigid tubing, this means i gotta re-do all my bends etc etc. So i thought it would be fun to kinda record it and slap it on YT. If you're bored or wanna check out the new case, Feel free to tag along, give me some pointers, tips etc etc. Hope you enjoy.
  4. big_lilo

    Cooler Master MAF Series - H500P

    Ohh i got creative with my top mount rad haha. Rads are definitely very thick. I have a slim 360 laying around I'm using for the front. I honestly never realized how roomy the Shinobi XL was Haha. I'll have to take pics soon For now I'm sticking with the R9's but eventually I'll go team green single card than I will definitely window side mount. I hate not seeing my GPU waterblocks.
  5. big_lilo

    im new

    Hi new! I'm Elias... Welcome
  6. big_lilo


    Haha that's soo rad!! I Rememeber wanting this soo bad when it came out... just simply couldn't afford it Nice to see it alive again tho
  7. big_lilo

    What Are Your Computers' Names?

    OBI-WAN-SHINOBI (In A Bitfenix Shinobi XL case)
  8. Hey guys... I bought a ultrawide 34 LG 34UM95 (3440x1440) a week ago mainly for games but every review i've ever watched about any ultrawide I always heard them say "AMAZING FOR CONTENT CREATORS AND EDITING" and I would have to agree with that statement! the timeline of video editing software or audio even on a ultrawide is AWESOME! I am by no means a 'Content creator' but I do like fiddling around with software and learning new things like PS and Corel studios (i work in IT Hardware by trade) I bought a fake GoPro last year (SJCAM 5000) and when ever i could I would record memroable moments and put together this video My question to you guys... have you made a video before? if so!... POST IT HERE would like to see what others have made Thanks for reading/watching
  9. big_lilo

    Have you made & Posted a video to youtube before?

    Aww thanks man i have about 10 videos posted. most were tutorials or videos of me holding a camera and talking about what i did and how i did it. So not much 'editing' but all of it was me messing around figuring stuff out and watching some tutorials on YT how to do some stuff But yeah i had like hours of random footage and i really liked seeing those GoPro videos so i figured I'd try it took me a little while but honestly i was smiling the whole time reminiscing.
  10. No i said i have an LCI e92 with the n55 engine (previous year e92's came with N54 engine which is twin turbo'd engine) The n55 engine was updated & redesigned and comes with a single turbo called "TwinPower Turbo" Pushing the same amount of boost as the twins My previous 2 bimmer were 325's...i feel your pain haha
  11. big_lilo

    How often do you admire your setup?

    I bought a big desk just so I can fit my full tower so I could stare at it
  12. big_lilo

    Have you made & Posted a video to youtube before?

    I've had something similar happen while playing starwars battlefront but that leg extension is amazing on yours hahaha
  13. big_lilo

    Have you made & Posted a video to youtube before?

    Yeah! I really enjoy it too
  14. big_lilo

    Explain Your Username

    Last name, first
  15. You know it! if people want to call me an 'asshole' for driving a bimmer and make assumption that we ALLLL don't use our blinkers... well you know what, I'm going to act the role than like double jeopardy
  16. Stock intercooler isn't too bad & decent for the stock turbo... exhaust I will one day change with a full cat back. but I will be doing down pipes sometime this year (hoping so anyway) I think I want to work on suspension after maintenance and it's chipped.
  17. For the people saying BMW drivers don't use their blinkers, well.... We do... but it lets out a spectrum of light not visible to the poor person's naked eye hahaha (hey, you attack me. I fire back )
  18. 300hp stock... and she's still stock. I wanted to catch up on maintenance first. Only thing I have left is to do a intake cleaning with walnut blasting (It's direct injection so lots of build up i'm assuming with 97k on the clock) However I have bought the JB4 Chip for it and have changed my charge pipe from stock plastic to a Evolution Racewerks Aluminum Piping
  19. big_lilo

    Have you made & Posted a video to youtube before?

    Have you ever watched DashieGames on youtube??? he had me on the floor laughing so hard playing FPS cuz he's terrible and he knows it
  20. big_lilo

    Have you made & Posted a video to youtube before?

    def. gotta talk! sometimes it's the best part of watching game play
  21. big_lilo

    Have you made & Posted a video to youtube before?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That's hysterical! but i'm pretty sure you're just being a little hard on yourself lol
  22. I'm with you there man... I lived overseas (Lebanon) and our "domestic" cars there are BMW's and Mercedes Benz... I lived there for college and my dad bought me a 87 316 bmw (same as the white on in the picture but germen spec... so it didn't have big medal bumpers like that) and I fell inlove... it was a rust bucket was a trooper and hugged corners like no other! I've since owned 3 other BMW's and NOTHING compares to my first car... I will one day buy my first car again This was her after some much needed bodywork and paint
  23. big_lilo

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Garrett Douglas - Touchdown
  24. My baby 2011 BMW 335i coupe (e92) with the updated single (twinpower)turbo