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    Tatabánya, Hungary
  • Occupation
    Civil Engineer


  • CPU
    Intel i7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator 4*8Gb 4000 Mhz, with fans
  • GPU
    Zotac 1080 mini
  • Case
    Thermaltake Core X5
  • PSU
    Corsair 750+ Bronz
  • Cooling
    EKWB system
  1. Soooo... It is Here... And it is really hefty to be honest. And the Full Spec list is the following: PSU: EVGA T2 1600 Watt 80+ Titanium Motherboard: Asus X299 Sage RAM: 4 Sticks of G.Skill 16 Gigabyte CL14, 3000Mhz SSD: Samsung 960 Pro Nvme 1 TB Case: Obsidian Series 900D (with some parts missing) GPU: Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti Waterforce Times 4!!! And CPU: Intel i9 7940X Additional 3 big dust bunnies and 1 extra week in Quarantine. But it has arrived and Its beutifull. Guess how much did it cost?
  2. Welp... my foldinator didn't arrive till today. Tomorrow is a Red Letter Holiday in Hungary and my newer workstation (4 Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti waterforce) will spend an aditional 4 days in shipping... Still folding on my Main GamingRig (8700k+1080 mini), and my Asus G752vy is doing it's best... Atleast there is so few downtime when I do not recive any WorkUnits... But a day before yesterday was only a CPU hitting day... I hope that I will crack 6 mill till tonight.
  3. Guys... I do not know what happened, but Since yesterday 3am to 6am on the Overclocking site I manage to get over 22 Work Units done, with only a 1080 and a 8700K in the main Rig, and on the laptop side a 980 and a 6700HK. Yesterday was a good day total, almost 1 million points. So much Work Units... or just Luck on my side. Currently Hitting 5 million under 3 weeks, and now my daily average production is about 800.000 Points. /Rant On: Thnx to the Austrian Bidding company my new main rig is still sitting in a warehouse... FML, and will not arrive till Easter... Bought it back on the 20th of March /Rant OFF
  4. My plans... I am a Civil Engineer, I could use it's power for work. But I will lend the Power for science first. I will fold the Heck out of it. And After that will be used as a daily driver at the Home office, and maybe some gaming with it, (finally in 4k I hope).
  5. Guys... I hope that I didn't missfire with this machine. There was an auction where there was no detailed description, only pictures. From these pictrures some thing what I could read of easily, or guess what it is. So what I find out is that the following: Motherboard is an ASUS SAGE X299 (the main give away where the heatsink and the Workstation logo) Graphic cards are Gigabyte Aorus 1080 Ti Waterforce first edition. I google searched everything on it, was hoping to find something more information of them, but I am 99 percent sure that my ques is correct. Power Supply is an EVGA 1600 T2, readable information On the motherboard picture you can clearly see that the CPU is watercoolded, but I didn't recognise the pump and thats why I cant assume the power of it. Same goes for the Ram, only the maker G.Skill is sure and thats a 4 by something. I know that the machine is in Working order. And they are throwing an extra Dell P2717H monitor to it. I hope that there is an i9 7900 x or higher in the CPU slot and 64 Gb of ram. It was sold today and the transport will be on the weekend or early next week. And please tell me your suggestions about the machine, and how much money would you pay for? If it arives I will tell the final price of it, and the full spec list. And here is the FULL Picture gallery of it!
  6. Guys... I have a problem with a server. I get this error message from this server everytime... "16:36:41:WU01:FS01:Assigned to work server 16:36:41:WU01:FS01:Requesting new work unit for slot 01: READY gpu:0:GP104 [GeForce GTX 1080] 8873 from 16:36:41:WU01:FS01:Connecting to 16:37:02:WARNING:WU01:FS01:WorkServer connection failed on port 8080 trying 80 16:37:02:WU01:FS01:Connecting to 16:37:23:ERROR:WU01:FS01:Exception: Failed to connect to "and here in my native language writes this... Failed to connect, because server didn't respond in time... But the server screwed me up 5 times under 30 minutes... It started to send me the WU and on the 60 % it failed, Next time 30 %, and 10 %, after 3 % and then that error showed up what I wrote above... Linus when will you start your F@H server? /rant on The main machine was dry for 28 hours... the secondary had some light work... /rant off
  7. I know that these are Rooki numbers, but thats what I can pump into this, and I know that this is a honest work. Since the 15th of March I achived 781.000 points to fight Covid-19, but I know that I could achive more... but if I crank my system further it would be Unstable... Currently the main rig is made of: Intel i7 8700k, but needed to be downclocked to 3,7 ghz, a Zotac 1080 Mini (runs fine with 65 Celsius/ It's really loud). And on the Side arm is an Asus ROG G751JY on standard setting... and these two manage to get on the last 2 days atleast 500.000 point. I am lucky with the Work Units that I get. I hope that We all Folders will be able to beat the Virus! Let's Stand together against I thing, but keep the distance between ourselfs! I hope that we will be noticed by the LMG Crew aswell in todays WAN Show!
  8. Thnx... Incognito mode really helped me... Still in the spam folder isn't any passkeys at the moment.
  9. Guys... got a new problem... The Folding web clien, can't load it self normally... Advanced Control works perfectly, but the Web Control does nothing. Loads up, and reloads for every... doesn't get my Pc's spec, or anything else what I did... Oh and I didn't recive any passkeys in the last 72 hours... But wanted a bunch... The passkey giving system maybe doesn't like my Gmail addresses?
  10. Yep... 100 % sure... If I turn of the monitor then the Whining noise stops... Heading for the other Topic. Thnx @Metallus97
  11. Sorry guys but I have to go littlebit off topic... When I stress the GPU my Monitor has a low pitch whining noise... And currently folding it Drives me Crazy... What can I do? GPU is a Zotac 1080 mini, Monitor is an ASUS VH242 (oldy but a goody) and the connection is made by a DVI cable. What could do this? How can I make it stop... Everything is on Mute.
  12. Is there any possibility to choose which projects Do I want to work ON? Currently I am Folding in the Any Category but want to purpusly fight against Covid-19 projects.
  13. Joining In for a folding fight... Last Night couldn't found the correct info on, but now I am here! I am bringing to the fight is a 8700k (downclocked), and a Zotac 1080 mini at the moment...
  14. Sorry, but how much does this cooler cost? 2.9 dollars if I am right? I Google translated this but it's seems a bit to cheap.