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  1. Its as if they dont want to help anyone ive been searching and trying to find a way to contact them now for 4 hours and im getting more and more pissed off with them. i want to speak to a person not a god damn click this not this now this was this helpfull pile of wank. i keep getting pop ups for aa.google.com/u/0/_/bgogb/program/get?rt=j&sourceid=117and aa.google. com/u/0/_/bgogb/program/get?rt=j&sourceid=23 and hangouts.google.com/webchat/u/0/_/data?ds.extension=106074807&_reqid=1137321&rt=j it started happening at about 2200GMT 22/06/20 and has not stopped, its just constant spam. they are .bin files as far as i am concerned they are malicious as i do not use google hangouts and as for the other 2 no clue what they are. i have no intention of accepting these downloads until i know ecactly what they are, why i am getting them, where they are coming from and why i am being spammed with them. google products i use are chrome and gmail sometimes. how would i block this spam? Thank you Tydfil
  2. hi all, just seen this motherboard and thought that it would be cool to see what kind of monster machine could be build around it. wound be an interesting video, also what it would be used for? im guessing rendering or server work https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-Dominus-Extreme/
  3. ok cool thanks, that is what i was looking for
  4. hi all, just seen this motherboard and thought that it would be cool to see what kind of monster machine could be build around it. wound be an interesting video, also what it would be used for? im guessing rendering or server work https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-Dominus-Extreme/
  5. hope you are all well and safe, just a quick one im trying to access a website and it keeps geolocationg the site to the same region as my VPN even though all geolocation settings are off in my browsers and im entering the en-gb extention in the site yet it is 404ing or just looping back to the fr-ch version. is there a way to circumvent this entirely or is it getting harder and harder to avoid this form of tracking? cheers i dispise geolocation tracking.
  6. Tydfil


    its the only laptop that has the issue, anyother laptop that has been in this house in the past or that is brought here connects no issue and stays(ed) connected intil it was manually disconnected. i dont know what you are angling to get, but im not super super techy techy when it comes to laptops, i dont know whats exactly on that pcb other than what the system tells me and im not opening the damn thing up there is no need to do that. its not a router issue as nothing else has this problem, the channels have no traffic except mine on them, just this 1 laptop. so to that extent its most likely a software setting in win 10 somewhere thats the issue.
  7. Tydfil


    its a 2 year old hp in a home environment, router about 10ft away. nothing special or overly complicated. simple home set up
  8. Tydfil


    Hi im having an issue with my laptop. the wifi periodically and randomly disconnects. i have clicked the connect automatically button and reconnected it many many times but the setting does not hold for longer than a few days. the laptop is about 2 years old and win 10 up-to date. is there somthing im missing or is it a deeper issue? its been going on for several months. Cheers Tyd ~
  9. UK currencey about £160/£170
  10. no no we use £GBP just thought it would be easier for the vast majority of the community to use $usd as that seems to be what most people here use. The battery wasnt bad until recently, now it barely holds 2 days charge. it was a vast improvement on my previous phone which was also a sony. its been quite reliable over the years, well travelled, dropped numerous times before its fist screen shatter, ok its not imperative to stay with sony its just prefered.
  11. apart from the iphone 4 (hated it) and an alcatel back in the late 90's ive always used a sony, so familiarity i suppose yeah. what would be a good android brand these days?
  12. just finished this vid, am looking to upgrade my z3 as the screen keeps coming out and theres only so many times you can justify the repair cost at the local "repair" store. so im having a toss up between the xperia 10 and the L3, which would be the better option? mid range is fine. im leaning towards teh L3 tbh. heres the link for it https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-Xperia-5-7-Inch-Smartphone-Black/dp/B07NWDS2WG/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3DNVQRTBW46P9&keywords=sony+xperia+l3+phone&qid=1579203319&sprefix=sony+xperia+l3%2Caps%2C500&sr=8-5 im admitedly not upto date on the various snap dragons and phone specs. but id like to stick with sony preferably. Cheers all
  13. so im looking for a new mouse as the 2012 naga i got has been bust for a long time(since bought) but didnt realise it untill it was too late sadly. im finally starting to give into getting a new one and am looking at the ROG-Spatha, does anyone have it or know if its any good? im also looking for a high capacity external hdd, maybe 4 or 5 tb, any suggestions? thanks
  14. Hi, does anyone know of a decent Media player/manager? my itunes updated for the first time in 5 years and it is hideous, its so janky and clunky i hate it. so i put windows media player back on. also .flac files will play in a standard cd player once burrned correct? and Groove music? what is that? Cheers
  15. Tydfil

    Home Server

    its for a mix of everything really like Oshino's, and to see if i can do it.
  16. Hi, Im thinking of building a server here at home, is it a good idea? or just stick to a tower and lappy? Cheers
  17. Hi, Is it worth ordering anything from the store IF you dont live in the rupublic of Canadia or the US? i was going to order the lanyards thinking why not put them in an envelope and off they go, but its 8 canadian rupees for shipping... maybe i guess its not worth it for 1 or 2 items but should make a large order? that asked is that worth it as then i have to deal with customs and import on the UK side of things. hmmm i dont suppose LTT store will mark and parcel as a "Gift"? any thoughts?
  18. Cheers, I'll look into an upgrade when im back. Not sure its worth it though on an i7-2900k, at least I think thats what it is.
  19. Ok, I just saw the why is watercooling better techquickie vid, and it made me think do the all in one watercool loops need replacing or maintenance after a while? Does the coolant (whatever is in it) evaporate or deteriorate over time? Its 11 years old as I type this. My rig has one of these loops block rad fans etc and all ive done with it in the 11 years of its life is dust the loop and rad, I changed the fans also. Do the loops have a lifespan? Thanks
  20. game, work stuff, general usage, video calls. upgrades in the future, want it to last a while and be future proof, to a degree
  21. hey all, i built my current rig in 2010 with longevity in mind, so i went a bit ham on it and a bit ott to the point of its only needed a new PSU (cleaning accident) GFX (age and hard life killed the original) and some fans as the bearings went. there is still plenty of life left in the old girl yet but im moving to a new country in a few months and in the months that follow im planning to build a new machine, something that will last as long as this one. its been a while since ive built one so would like a little help with choosing parts. so far im looking at an ASUS motherboard, maybe an ROG STRIX X299-E or XE (whatever the differences are between them im not sure) i like ASUS boards and have one running at the moment from when i build my current rig in 2010. That with a current Gen intel I5 cpu, keep my current GFX as it is only a few years old and a ASUS NVIDIA GTX 1060 (new one only if totally necessary). put an m.2, SSD, and HDD in there, use the on-board sound as to be honest i have a sound card in my current rig and have never really used it. cooling wise i have a hybrid system at the moment water-cooled cpu and fans. before you get angry at me its only basic wc as i was toying with it at the time and not confident enough to wc an entire system. a quite case it a must. oh and ram wise, 16-32gb is more than enough i think. even though the boards can utilise 128gb, its probably not worth it having that much. any ideas, thoughts, suggestions? all are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  22. champion! ill give that a bash, thanks