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  1. keNNySOC

    Switched to mechanical keyboard --> my hand is sick

    Yea, i tried a CM mech keyboard, since i play allot of CS (1.6 not go, oldsql ) and i don't have good headphones, can't hear ANYTHING in game over the keyboard, nevermore
  2. Yes there are good deals, i wouldn't upgrade your 470, its a quite good gpu, of course if you don't want more horsepower (which depends on what you're doing)
  3. keNNySOC

    Switched to mechanical keyboard --> my hand is sick

    I can't stand mechanical keyboards, there so clicky and irritating to me, haven't tried browns but from what i heard there the best for me out of all the switches
  4. keNNySOC

    CPU decisions

    I would wait for the 1600x, get the perfect setup you want, if you have the money don't treat it like you're on a budget with a bad mobo etc...
  5. keNNySOC

    Next generation after Titan/1080ti

    Never know unless you see it
  6. They even released the G3, are they as good?
  7. Yeah sorry, meant to say PSU instead of CPU, the CPU is quite good.
  8. Wow, there's a 1070 Ti, haven't been up to date...really didn't think they would make a gtx 70 ti...as far as the topic if you're buying all that you could probably (probably) spare some extra money on a better cooler and a better PSU
  9. keNNySOC

    Viper61's desktop (the new one)

    Not saying its bad or anything, quite frankly its good, just saying if you need a better GPU later on (for some purpose) to get it (if you have the $ of course) if you don't need a better GPU then its completely fine
  10. keNNySOC

    What's better

    I would go for the 980Ti if you're looking for performance over a couple of other things (size,power consumption, support)
  11. keNNySOC

    New Monitor and Graphics Card Advice Requested

    Maybe this? https://pcpartpicker.com/mr/newegg/scM323 Really don't know, there's $500-600 Asus and Acer monitors, but they are all freesync so you lose the option of g-sync (the one i linked is g-sync tho + on the page it says its 165Hz)
  12. keNNySOC

    Viper61's desktop (the new one)

    Maybe a better GPU later on if you need it, else seems fine
  13. keNNySOC

    Putting a steam game on a CD disc

    Thanks m8
  14. keNNySOC

    Putting a steam game on a CD disc

    Do you mind sending that steam gui?
  15. keNNySOC

    144 Hz TN vs 60/75 Hz ips

    I don't think he said he was hitting 144, more likely hes hitting more than 75 and prefers the extra frames If you're not one of those NNNNNN1337 hardcore fps gamers that needs all those frames i would advise the IPS, i have a IPS and a TN and the difference is quite there(would take IPS anyday) tho i'm not a hc gamer