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    Core i7 3770 3.4GHz
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    MSI Gaming B75A-G43
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    2x8Gb DDR3 Avexir core red led
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    Palit GTX 1060 JetStream
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    corsair carbide spec-03
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    1x1Tb western digital black, 1x500Gb Seagate barracuda
  • PSU
    Corsair CS550M
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    LG M2241A
  • Cooling
    intel stock cooler
  • Keyboard
    Logitech Classic K110
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    A4Tech X7
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    Sony DAV-TZ140
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    Windows 10 pro (64 bit)

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    Cheap high-end stuff

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  1. Is my pc dead?

    It keeps turning on and turning off by itself continously Sorry if i was not being specific i just so confused I'm opening my pc right now to check my wiring
  2. Is my pc dead?

    No nothing at all, it's like my pc is okay physically, but i know its not
  3. Is my pc dead?

    It all happend some minutes ago so suddenly I was just chilling browsing the net when suddenly i hear an electric current through my speaker, and my pc froze and suddenlu turned off
  4. Is my pc dead?

    No the motherboard doesn't bip at all, i thought it was the psu because before all of this happened, i hear an electric current through my speaker, i thought it was short circuited Corsair cs 550m Msi b75a-g43 gaming Intel core i7 3770 (non k) Intel stock fan 2x 8gb avexir core ddr3 Palit jetstream gtx 1060 6gb I hope i didn't left out anything
  5. Is my pc dead?

    Sorry if I post this on the wrong thread, i just don't know what happened to my pc, but it keep rebooting itself over and over and over again My mouse is not turned on, and my monitor is only getting a dim light, while my keyboard only the blue downside lighting work, the rgb doesn't turned on Is it faulty psu? Or my motherboard? So in general, is my pc finally meets its demise?
  6. tried installing from there, and also directly from nvidia website
  7. it still gives me code 43, i even fully cleaned my pc, i uninstall my drivers with DDU on safe mode and tried to install it again, but no result
  8. okay thanks, i'm gonna try, while i'm at it i want to ask what caused code 43?
  9. So through effort in screen like that, i managed to uninstall the driver then i try to install again, i restarted my pc and now my driver is having problem code 43 Can anyone help?
  10. I need help quick, i just reinstalled windows 10 on pc, and the first thing i do is to install graphics card driver, i use nvidia gtx 1060 6gb, so i get my driver from geforce experience, but after i finisihed installing it become like this, i don't know what happen, it's not cable problems or a faulty graphics card that"s for sure, i double checked
  11. Skylake still worth it?

    Spare me, i already had a frustating time in college
  12. Skylake still worth it?

    Wow i must really missed lots of news, the difference between i7 skylake and i7 coffee lake is between 50-80$ some store even step up their game and make it 100$ Tax in my country is just suck ass
  13. New hardware release so fast these days, i'm so busy at college that i don't realize coffee lake even exist, i missed lots of tech news last year So is it still worth it to buy skylake? It's my original plan to buy skylake before college but i missed my chance, and since skylake price drop significantly in my country that's an extra points for me
  14. windows 8 guest only account

    i need help with my asus x453 laptop, somehow the admin account has disappeared and i can only log in as guest now, so basically i can'y do anything, no elevated cmd, no regedit, not even copying files. any solution to make the administrator account back?
  15. i7 3770 cooling

    i have corsair carbide spec-03