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  1. EazyHTML

    Strix vs Frozr

    @don_svetlio that's for the GTX 1070,and its in China Were talking about the GTX 1060 and the US
  2. EazyHTML

    Strix vs Frozr

    No there is not i can't find a link
  3. EazyHTML

    Strix vs Frozr

    The source of the news
  4. EazyHTML

    Strix vs Frozr

    Where have you heard this info? i have my MSI GTX 1060 that i bought for a replacement over my 660 and its Quiet,A good overclocker and is not a firehazard
  5. EazyHTML

    Zotac Magnus EN980 Un-build Log

    Audio issues
  6. EazyHTML

    What OS to use?

  7. EazyHTML

    Driving with headphones

    LOL,in the US you can drive when your 15,where i live 17 minimum
  8. Great deal,especially since its water cooled
  9. EazyHTML

    Ram Setup

    4x4 you look like a boss,2x8 is standard but you have space to upgrade,unless you have a mobo that can handle octa channel
  10. EazyHTML

    budget gaming laptop

    I like my kidney...
  11. EazyHTML

    budget gaming laptop

    Nah,macbooks 4 life
  12. EazyHTML

    GTX 970

    Your just he to mock me aren't you?
  13. EazyHTML

    Are these headphones a scam or not?

    I don't know,but they look like there on ear
  14. EazyHTML

    GTX 970

    LOL there is no massive image look difference between very high and max
  15. EazyHTML

    GTX 970

    You were comparing console quality to Very high settings 60fps,that shows there was no point