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  1. Get 4 of these https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-redux-1700-high-Performance-Award-Winning-Affordable/dp/B07CG2PGY6/ref=sxin_3_ac_d_pm?crid=1DP8N2H11Y1T7&keywords=120mm+fan&pd_rd_i=B07CG2PGY6&pd_rd_r=7511a01c-4d01-4ea0-bacb-8a0fd4b7fe2c&pd_rd_w=nIbVN&pd_rd_wg=ryQwB&pf_rd_p=5cc8abfe-8f78-4f34-b19f-d09d6ea0dca4&pf_rd_r=HE9JX9BANY871QAYH16A&qid=1559238872&s=gateway&sprefix=120+mm+fa%2Caps%2C176 As for the heatsink, get a beefy ass cooler like a Bequiet or Noctua
  2. I Agree with @SpookyCitrus Get a viewsonic or asus and call it good
  3. Hi Phil I think what matters most, is what kind of fans you'll use with your airflow plans Get some Noctuas, as they are pretty reliable Im not sure what the red grate is for, could you explain?
  4. It might end up that well have to carry around an iPod touch and a Smartphone again This sucks
  5. A 960 M is about on par with a 750 TI, so you just gotta optimize it
  6. 3800X (cpu) (RTX 2060) gpu Mobo (ATX or Mini ITX, her choice) Cases (her choice again) Storage (As much as possible, M.2 PCIE would be nice, but get some HDDs too) PSU (750 watt 80+ gold to be safe) Cooler (Air cooler, Water is too risky for work) {I would get a Dark Rock 4, Noctua, or a 212 Evo all black) See if Nwave is having sales, to make it easier on the wallet
  7. I have seen some awesome X570 Motherboards from GigaByte at Computex, and it makes me want to have my own ITX Zen 2 machine But only having one PCI E slot is kinda a bummer when PCI E Gen 4 is half of what makes Ryzen so cool Would having only M.2 storage be a bad trade off to have a cool build like this
  8. Did you use the Master and Slave jumpers? It also might just be the adaptors (are they of particularly good or bad quality)
  9. I have had my machine for nearly 3 years now (i7 6700k, GTX 1080, 16 gigs of RAM, Sata SSD, etc) But the features of Rezen 3rd gen look pretty f**king cool tbh (PCI EX 4, the insane boost clocks on R 9, mini itx from ASUS, etc) Is it worth it to upgrade from my current rig to this, if my daily workload consists of Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio, Gaming at 1440P 144 hz, and 3d modeling.
  10. The founders cards are 2 slot most often I would check this out
  11. Put in a 500 - 1tb SSD and call it good
  12. You just do it with windows. The EQ stuff could be done somehow, idk how tho
  13. It sounds the same in my experience. It makes the mic get way louder too, which is nice
  14. I bought this. I had issues with the onboard audio having hiss and issues with getting mics to work
  15. I started using a usb to 3.5 thingy Its way better than Asus strix audio
  16. I recently got ahold of an older trackball mouse (from my research, it was used for those with limited mobility). It feels pretty solid with good heft and mechanical keyboard switches to click. However, the ps2 pin is a bit damaged. is there a way this can be repaired (I also couldn't find any drivers, but it has a Serial port?) SORRY ABOUT THE EMBEDS, IT JUST DID THAT.... Thanks for the help in advance!Preview attachment 20190524_171105.jpg Preview attachment 20190524_171147.jpg 20190524_171147.jpg 2.2 MB 20190524_171105.jpg 2.4 MB
  17. if you are looking for under 80 pounds sterling, you can get 2 of these
  18. I know Brother is known for great printers
  19. Its probably worth just buying another printer. If you want to look into printer repair tho, this book mentions it at one point
  20. I would ask a friend from The lower 48 to send you one and you work out a deal
  21. Do you Mean CS 1.6??? If so, get a CRT for next to nothing. Some Crts can go to 100 hz . If not, just get any decent ips panel