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Everything posted by KING OF THE DIRTY DANS

  1. I would just use the software button for now, until you can get it repaired
  2. I too love typing on hot ass plastic. Just get a regular keyboard
  3. What are you doing for the PC specs? Are you going Ryzen or Intel?
  4. Should I get an orange led fan in the rear to match the front LTT noctua and 24 pin cable? The CPU block switches from red, orange, and white; so that makes it better imo.
  5. Im sure, it might depend on your USB C. The adapters look cheaper for USB C, so you could always return it, if it doesn't work
  6. There are USB to hdmi adapters like this I would hook up an hdmi monitor for sure. as for the other one, use the adapter
  7. I have a Crucial MX, no complaints
  8. Yes. I play only single player games on mine, minus TF2
  9. I personally prefer 1440p I own that same monitor you're looking at (I love it) Ultrawide is not great for all games, so I wouldn't get it
  10. Good to see a Yakuza fan in the wild. If the battery box is a problem, I would recommend an xbox one controller. Not to mention the triggers are way bigger
  11. Just use a 360 controller. I love the OG xbox, but the Duke is excessive. I use a 360 controller no problem and my hands are 19.5 x 10 cm
  12. That's a fair concern. I would pop another stick in there, and overclock the Ram, if you get the chance
  13. Did water from the cloth get into the drives? Do you have windows update on? (might have fucked with it overnight)
  14. IDK Pay for the fast shipping if you have too i guess