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Everything posted by KING OF THE DIRTY DANS

  1. Hello Forum. I am looking for talent willing to join for my UE4 team. I am making a Third Person Adventure game (Similar to Yakuza or Brutal Legend) I am mainly looking for people: 1). Who are skilled with Blender, Maya, and or Photoshop 2). Who are skilled with blueprints or programming in general. 3). And who are good problem solvers and are awesome dudes. (Bonus points if you know C++) Discord Server is below, if you want to join the team. https://discord.gg/tQBWDkh
  2. I am looking to get a interface with a combo XLR and 1/4 jack so I can use a mic and record guitar. Is this interface OK, or should I save up for one with 2 jacks?
  3. Go to a recycling center. Just make sure they are nice at yours, mine sucks
  4. I have a K70, but the software is HOT GARBAGE I would recommend a Razer or Cooler Master Keyboard
  5. I followed the Video, it doesn't work. The software is shit
  6. I have tried to follow the Corsair Tutorial, but this software makes no sense. I just want to make macros for Java's "System.out.println();" and Vectors in C++. How exactly do I do that
  7. I personally dont like Lian Li, but it looks good. Not my niche, but good
  8. I learned about these Jumpers at my Uni. You buy one bag of these, and you'll have enough for you and your grandchildren.
  9. Those USB things suck. I heard if you just use naked drives in a bay to get around that.
  10. I Started out streaming HL2 today (Still need a webcam) but It was a lot of fun even if only 3 people popped in
  11. By worth it, I just mean the hassle of getting started. I would like to stream, since it seems like a fun way to game and have fun (if there's some money on the side, that wouldn't hurt // that's unlikely i know)
  12. My System specs are GTX 1080 i7 6700k 16 Gigs of ram 525 GB SSD H110i ETC
  13. I have been looking into streaming on Twitch/Mixer, and was wondering Is it worth all the troubleshooting, and small monetary investment into a decent webcam? Also, what results could I get for streaming with this connection?
  14. I would get an i7 and just leave it at stock speeds. If you can put a fan in there, get a fast AF one to cool it better too