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  1. I would take it to a shop I got a jack stuck in my s8 once, and they just yanked it out with tweezers
  2. The problem is that youre playing on a low spec machine (laptop im asssuming) GTA V is a hard game to run (My i7 6700k and GTX 1080 struggle sometimes)
  3. The offical one, the Mayflash adapter has about 4% less radius for the analogue stick
  4. I use closed back headphones 10 hrs a day (ATH-M50X) its just a matter of if the headphones sound good or not Open backs are often good for music, but closed backs often are too
  5. I have been trying to find a way to get images to show up in my folders again I cannot figure it out, and have already tried going into options under view Does anyone have an idea on whats wrong, thanks for your time
  6. Personally i use a MG279Q (1440p IPS Flat 144 hz Freesync) Its not nvidia approved, but it works (just used CRU, to fix any issues) Now for you, I would recommend something from LG, as they have good Quality control compared to companies like ACER
  7. Youre going to need a new Motherboard if youre upgrading Save up for Zen 2
  8. Its most likely a difference in clock speed (1050ti vs 710) (i hate to be this guy...) but, why don't you sell both the GPUs to buy a great one
  9. I would contact MSI about the issue. It's not worth fixing on your own (it's too much of a pain)
  10. Personally an i9 is overkill for Photoshop and similar workloads I would buy an i7 instead, and put that money towards a GPU
  11. Vengeance ram is relatively low profile, you should be fine
  12. Thats a bit much... in terms of a display overclock I would dial it down, or just deal with 60 hz
  13. Im probably just going to deal with it (its only for nostalgia that PC anyway)
  14. So im not going to flex much more than I can (if anyone actually cared)?
  15. I would update or rollback your GPU drivers Also Frostbite engine (used for BF) is a bit demanding I would also try reseating your ram, just for good measure
  16. I mentioned a while back I have an XP gaming rig, and I have been looking into SLI I noticed that the price of 6800 GTs more than doubled since I bought mine Is it worth getting another one, or just getting a new*** (to me) card Mostly play SWAT, GTA SA, and other mid 2000s games on it btw
  17. Thats sounds really good Only thing i would watch out for, is that Coolermaster case has shit airflow (FORGOT ABOUT ZEN 2, JUST WAIT)
  18. You cant SLI different Nvidea Cards Crossfire *can* do that
  19. I’m not sure about hardware programming. I do know a lot of mice can store settings in onboard memory
  20. That’s not good... are you under warranty through EVGA?
  21. I personally would get a capture card like the pci Elgato, or use OBS. as long as your bit rates are in order, you should not lag out.
  22. It isn’t Phanteks... but for real, just get any other Fractal case and put some RGB fans in it. All of their cases are retooled versions of the R6