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  1. Updated iCue, and restarted my pc. Now the volume wheel does nothing at all.
  2. I have a K70 LUX RGB, and my Volume wheel is acting funny. It wont move my volume up or down, it will just stick at the current volume (see image). It only does this on my desktop, as on my laptop, all the media keys and volume wheels work fine. What is causing this issue?
  3. Get corsair or g skill ram What case will you get? I recommend Phanteks cases.
  4. Undertale, Valve Games (gotta mess with settings), Most Indie Games, Sigil, Ion Maiden
  5. I wear mine everywhere, but I'm starting to think its bad, because they make you look an antisocial douche. Is that true, if so, what do I do. I have bad luck with earbuds dying, and I don't want to buy Powerbeats or Airpods for one side to die.
  6. Thank you for the Information. I will have to get better with Blender, down the line. I use Gimp on the regular, for other things such as my KOTOR Mods. You have a great point about the Visuals, that was what I was scared about.
  7. Hello LTT Forum! I have been programming my own little Command Line games in C++, but I have been learning C++ and Unreal Engine. My goal career is to become a Game Developer for Unreal Engine after University. So I have studied Unreal Engine and C++, as well as my Internship using Godot, but I am wanting to make a game in Unreal on my own. I have realized that my C++ skills are not the best, but I am really wanting to develop my own indie game in Unreal. The main concern I have, is the lack of skills I have in Art, 3D Modeling, and Level Design. What could I do to make a FPS or Third Person Shooter, on my own in Unreal? I know there are things like Mixamo to help with animation, and forums and such. My main concern I finding help with Art and Modeling.
  8. https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gaming-mice/g703-hero-wireless-gaming-mouse.html
  9. I was offline for a few days. sorry The patch managed to work upon reboot. I will look for that other deal from Fanatical
  10. Does your laptop have USB C? Some Anker banks can charge macbooks and similar laptops that way
  11. https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-Liquid-Cooler-Cooling-400-HY-CL24-V1/dp/B074WH52BW/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=RGB+aio&qid=1572459420&sr=8-14 I personally would get this. It has a minimal RGB, but the Warranty is for 5 years, and Every AIO i have had has died in 1-2, so you get a free one in 2 years
  12. Thats really weird. Try updating the firmware and charge it over night to see what happens. If not call up samsung, thats really sucky
  13. It all depends on how good that chip can handle Java and Single threaded performance. Personally, that seems like a stretch. You can rent a server for the price of the PC's power bill tbh
  14. I have a Gear S3 (last gen galaxy watch) and my battery last for about 2 or 3 days. Did you just buy it, if so get a replacement
  15. Before patching, the game ran at around 7-10 FPS (on a GTX 1080) Now, I cant get the game to start after using the patch in this video How would I fix this, i just want to play this game. (If I can't fix it, does GOG offer refunds?; I just bought this game today)
  16. It might just be that they are going out. I would try a different plug on the PC, and see what happens
  17. Hello friends. I am looking to start soldering, to create mods to game consoles, fix wires, and DIY Mech keyboards. I am a complete beginner, so be nice. I was wondering, what would be a good iron for a beginner. I looked into it, but it seems that people like Louis Rossman only recommend newer hot tip irons. Thank you for your time
  18. The g502 is a giant mouse. It might just be too big, idk
  19. 100% usage is bad for anything. If they use less, thats good. If you want 144hz, lower the details (Ultra is for screenshots anyway)
  20. I have a g403, which is all rubber grip, so no. For a more plasticy mouse, I do have trouble (Like the dell mice at campus)
  21. Check and see if the cable is plugged in all the way, try a different input/cable
  22. I have a MG279Q, but I had to get G-Sync working with CRU I would get the Aorus or LG monitor instead
  23. Hello Friends. I will admit, I suck ass at doing For Loops. What kinda programs are good exercises for gaining for loop skills