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  1. Searching for good headphones for PC, must be over ear design, comfortable for long use (4 hours or more a day), good quality in sound (all around music, not just one genre) The budget is about 150$ but can go a little bit higher if needed
  2. Hello! I have the speakers Logitech X-530 and I want to connect them to my laptop (Lenovo Idea-pad 310). What sound card do I need to buy to be able to connect them to my laptop? I have only one AUX connector in the laptop. The connections that the speakers have: http://imgur.com/a/rNrUO
  3. Love it but hate it to. The phone it self is great but the edge screen kinda ruines the Note thing
  4. I want to buy a new phone after my Z3 speakers became suck. My budjet is about 400$. And my requiments for the phone is: big screen (about 5.5 inch), good performance, good camera, nice camera. And I dont care how my phone is looking or what useless fitures it has. I thought about the Oneplus 3. Any other sugestion *Sorry for my bad english
  5. I really think that is the Note 7 killer!