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  1. The switchable bottom buttons are what I've been wanting for a long time with my nexus 4, but i'm not really wanting to root the phone either, so a stock OS that supports it? I'm game.
  2. Versi

    Ask a Brony anything.

    Furry =/= MLP Not all Furries enjoy yiff (rule 34) < This Furry = No yiff.
  3. Versi

    WD green or black

    3TB green drive just popped up on sale: http://us.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=62178&vpn=WD30EZRX&manufacture=Western%20Digital%20WD&promoid=141 3
  4. Versi

    WD green or black

    I wouldn't say that the black is loud, I have a 1TB Black drive and its quieter than my external GoFlex drive! To be honest I can't even hear it, I just figured the Green would be even quieter.
  5. Versi

    WD green or black

    Would the Green drive be quieter as well? The 5400rpm vs the 7200rpm of the black?
  6. Versi

    Choosing a DSLR

    I have a Nikon d3100 and its been a great camera. Its my first DSLR and its got a built in guide mode to help explain something if you're out and about without your manual. I got mine as a kit with the 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens for $499 for a mothers day sale at Walmart. The difference between the $499 2x lens kit and the $449 standard 1 lens kit is the fact that the 1 lens kit has VR (vibration reduction) built into the lens. I will warm you though, when you're getting into this kind of stuff you kind of start to get an itch for more.. I find myself looking at new lenses all the time, I sense a new 50mm fixed focal length lens in my new future.. Here is a couple pictures I've taken with the camera, and I've only had this camera maybe two months now. A stray cat that stopped by for lunch at my house A friend wanted some pictures of his Subaru WRX STI The worst part about getting into this stuff for me has been wanting more more more! :P
  7. Versi

    Live Callers on The WAN Show

    What about instead of random Joes giving feedback on something or asking basic questions about what GPU they should purchase with $XXX we do live interviews? We could possibly pick a few people from the forum or people you know maybe with a poll on here that people could vote on to have said person come onto the stream and talk. Interview them on something like what they run in there personal rig, what kind of games do they play, or what they do for a job. There are a lot more possibilities for a fun and more interactive stream and you'll get a conversation that has a bit of meaning behind it rather than what random person X thinks about topic A. You could even interview the people that are picked for build log of the week!
  8. Versi

    Looking for a new sound setup

    I need some help with recommendations of a new sound setup. I'm looking to get a new soundcard and headset. Would like to spend less than $200-$250 on the whole setup. I previously owned a pair of Siberia V2's and while they are nice headphones they were uncomfortable after a few hours of use. I have decent sound for an on board setup (Crosshair V) just looking for a bit more. I really like the whole idea behind 7H's with a retractable mic, detachable points for storage or travel, and the most enticing part to me, the interchangeable ear cups. I will be using these headphones/headset for use on the go too, so I'm kinda looking to stay away from a stationary boom mic, that being said I'm not opposed to using something like a mod mic. I'm not particularly that knowledgeable with soundcards, I know the difference between 5.1/7.1 and such but other than that its about the extent of it. Usage of this setup will be for just about everything, I have speakers but tend to wear headphones for fear of being too loud. I do play games, I'm listening to music most of the time I'm not playing games (sometimes even during!) and I watch movies as well. Some of the things I'm wanting to see in the new headphones: - Around the ear - 3 foot-ish long cable with extension - 3.5mm port - not USB - closed type mainly - comfortable for long hours of continuous use - preferably something that won't look too goofy in public What I'm looking for in the soundcard: - $50 - $80 - PCi - good headphone amp - at least 5.1 surround capable - preferably red or black (coolness factor is always important!) Now even though I gave a price range of $200 - $250 I wouldn't mind spending a little more if it would mean getting something much better. Here you can see why I would like a red or black one.. :P Thanks in advance for those who take the time to help me out! :)
  9. Versi

    Looking for a new sound setup

    I'm thinking about skipping out on the soundcard until later, I have decent on board audio for what it is with my crosshair v mobo. I don't need professional headphones, just something that will have a decent sound, a closed setup, be comfortable to wear, and have either a retractable mic like my past Siberia's or be detachable like those Asus rog headsets I've seen in the past.
  10. Versi

    Looking for a new sound setup

    Looking for a PCi soundcard, the headphones will be used across my devices, the soundcard for my desktop only. I just don't really know about the 840s, a lot of reviewers say they're too heavy and get uncomfortable after a while. Coming from the Siberias, they felt pretty light up until my ears started hurting after about 2 or so hours.
  11. Versi

    Looking for a new sound setup

    While those are nice, I would still want a good soundcard to go with them, and with them taking up most of my budget I think I'd rather have something a little cheaper(like <$175) and have a mid grade - high end PCi sound card to go with them.
  12. Awesome giveaway! I would love a new mobo cpu combo! Heres my link to my sharing:share of competition on another forum:http://www.club3g.com/forum/gaming-discussion/164515-intel-core-i7-3960x-extreme-edition-gigabyte-x79-ud3-giveaway.html#post3374339share of app on twitter: Check out Intel VIP Tech Zone on Google Play! play.google.com/store/apps/det… — Drake Stiehr (@DrakeStiehr) March 22, 2013 ultrabook giveaway link @ inteledge Skyrim! #IntelInspire — Drake Stiehr (@DrakeStiehr) March 22, 2013 https://twitter.com/DrakeStiehr/status/315142427319078913' rel="external nofollow">
  13. Versi

    Corsair sp 120 fans

    I use a pair of SP120's on my H100 setup for push, with my 2x200mm case fans above the rad, I couldn't stand the nose without the low noise adapters on them. My build is not silent by any means but it was just an absolutely unbearable drone or gushing air. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if I used headphones all the time, but they tend to hurt my ears after long game sessions, so a semi-quiet computer is good for me!
  14. Versi

    What car do you have?

    Its stock! :P
  15. Versi

    Show off your Android homescreen!

    Stock Android 4.2.1 Jellybean on my Nexus 4. Nothing special, just original. ;)
  16. Versi

    Versi's Rig

    Hello all! I'm Versi and I've already got a custom build, but I still change things out every now and then and it can change at any time! My system specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1100T Mobo: Asus Crosshair V Formula R PSU: Termaltake 750w GPU: HIS Ati Radeon 6970 HD Memory: - SSD: Intel Series 520 120 Gb - HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 320Gb - HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1Tb (64Mb cache) RAM: 16Gb (4x4Gb) G.Skill Ripjaws X Cooling: -Case: NZXT fans (assort. sizes) -CPU: Corsair H100 w/ SP120 @ push exhaust setup Case: NZXT Phantom Optical: Asus Blu ray read/write drive OS: Windows 7 Extras: - UV Cathode kit - Intel centrino Network Wifi card - Steelseries Siberia V2 headset - Corsair K90 Keyboard - Corsair M90 Mouse - Two 23" Acer LED monitors - Logitech 5.1 Speaker setup I built the rig myself with the help of YouTube videos. I'm now in college pursuing a Computer Science degree with the hopes of possibly being hired on somewhere as an IT to start out. My most recent change has been the addition of my Intel series 520 SSD, I underestimated the speed of these drives as I've always had a spinning disk drive. It was totally worth the upgrade! I started this build in November 2011 and Its been changing ever since. If there is something new out that I like, or a good deal that catches my eye, I'm usually considering getting it. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask! I'm fairly computer literate and usually won't mind helping if asked nicely! ;)
  17. Versi

    Versi's Rig

    It's UV/Blacklight, not actually pink! XD Makes the white on my fans and my graphics card glow nicely!
  18. Versi

    What car do you have?

    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse!