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  1. but why did it show microstar. he has a MSI board
  2. seems like i do The other one is my Cousins but we aren't on the same network and he and i have different acc when we installed our PC.. but thanks for the hints and guesses/// Finally relieved.
  3. FB thread sys is trash.. that yes was right after as shown by the arrow.
  4. i thought of this but i don't own a micro-star related device its just my PC and have it activated quite recently using a OEM key.
  5. no just fresh installed it and brought a new ssd. also i think its my connection. although i tested my connection via canyouseene,org as per a YT video suggested but now i have my doubts again. Also does wirelessly connected PC via a rounter counts?
  6. Got a tridentz 3000mhz of Cl-16-18-18-38 for 90$, can i OC'ed to 3200mhz on a B450 board?
  7. I got my hands on 16 18 18 38 3000Mhz tridenz RGB for 90$ but how would the OC ability be on a B450 board, or is it the CPU that makes the OC memory stable.
  8. which one sounds good, 2600 and getting 3000mhz Ram or what u recommended.
  9. sorry for the text size, idk how it happened
  10. How about this https://www.gamdias.com/component/index.php/home-7/argus-e1
  11. https://www.newegg.com/white-thermaltake-versa-n27-atx-mid-tower/p/N82E16811133348 also, this in our country is cheap(guess they take out the accessories and the fans to lower the cost) like53.26 dollars. do i get this our u specifically prefer this?
  12. which one sounds good, 2600 and getting 3000mhz Ram or what u recommended.
  13. and yes and although i have a high chance to add 100$ more on peripheral and monitor but its still a chance.
  14. 700$ Budget, a streaming/Gaming PC and since x570 are too much to pay at this price range, idk what to get and what to focus
  15. Need some Advice, and What GPU to get, AMD rx or GTX???