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Joe Jackman

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  1. Want to get into Linux and i heard its a bit of learning curve for someone who haven't even been in a terminal (some basics like CD or dir is all i know). I think this is the best time to get started.
    Now how to get in? 

    1. Den-Fi


      Pop OS is a nice, easy distro. Most things are taken care of and you don't have to touch terminal really unless you want to.

      You should though. Lots of cool things you can do.

      It's Ubuntu based, so most tutorials out there apply to it.

    2. Joe Jackman

      Joe Jackman

      I want to hit the terminal actually, got like 3 months of spare time now so might as well learn something new.


    3. Windows7ge


      If your goal is primarily learning terminal commands you might like to checkout Ubuntu Server. It has no GUI (though one can be installed). You could have a go at setting up services or applications.


      I have a Ubuntu Server tutorial on how to setup a File Server:

      It's not a bad way for a beginner to get their feet wet.