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  1. ah, mine happens with literally every game, it even does it with other things, it will just shoot to 5000 then freeze, then continue like normal
  2. nope, I hate antiviruses and will never install one lol.
  3. Hello, so this is a bit random, but I've noticed while installing games I'll get crazy high response times? in the range of 1000-5000MS delays on it, is this normal? I don't see a bottle neck in anything else, as my CPU stays around 30% usage while installing multiple games and I have 900MB Download speeds, with 16GB of ram. It slows down my installs SOOOO much. a 30GB game takes almost a hour, which is ridiculous considering it takes that long for me to install a 300GB game on Xbox. Is this normal? if not what can I do to test and see what's wrong? I apologize I'm quite the noob when it comes to HDD's and storage in general.
  4. yes, as I stated, I have room for it and I don't have to have to upgrade in the future for any reason, and looks, it would look better than a AIO, and of course I am willing to spend some money just not $1000, even more so when I see people have gotten it much cheaper, I'm even fine at $700 or $800, but that's not $1000. it is simply because I would rather get it over with in 1 go and not have to spend again 4 years down the line and end up $1800 in water cooling than a simple $800.
  5. yeah, I figured it was too much but it's mainly for looks tbh, and it means I will never have to really upgrade anything other than the blocks, which I'm totally fine with, I'm the kind that wants to buy once and not have to worry with it lol I plan on running Pure water the whole time.
  6. I mean I've seen some post on here from before and they spent maybe $600, thats a huge difference, I just don't know if that stuff is still good.
  7. hello, so I'm looking for a way to do a full custom water loop for my GPU and CPU I do have the room and fans. Here is everything I own: Case: anidees AI Crystal XL RGB V3 Full Tower Motherboard: asrock b450 pro4 CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU: MSI 2070 Tri Frozr Ram: T-force 3200MHz 16GB Fans: anidees AI Aureola x 9 I was hoping to go pretty cheap if possible, but highly functioning, if you looked at the case then you can see there is 4 fans in the front and 4 in the top which is why I would like to do double 480mm rads even if it's not needed, I also don't have many tools so it would probably have to be soft tubing? any tips on what I should buy? I've never done any form of water cooling before besides AIO which doesn't come in 480mm or I would do that lol (am looking to do the GPU and CPU) Edit: I'm not looking to be talked out of my choice, I know what I would like to do, I am simply looking for recommendations on how to do it and with what parts, thank you. Obviously I am willing to spend a bit but I would rather not spend $1000 on cooling like Corsair tried to sell me with 360mm lol Thank you!
  8. Much appreciated I'll look into it a bit if they won't send the proper kit, I hope you have a wonderful day/night! Thank you so much once again!
  9. okay, so I guess there was a problem in the shipping, someone must have grabbed the wrong kit or something lol. Thank you very much for your help! got it right back to 3000 MHz You're awesome!
  10. https://bit.ly/3dEfJQp (New Egg Link) I bought it exactly from the same spot, and got the 3200 MHz kit
  11. How Strange, I wonder if there was a mistake made with shipping cause I 100% got 3200 MHz.. Thank you! Ah Yes, Everything is still at default atm as I can't seem to get it back to 3000 MHz, so I tried resetting everything to default.
  12. Hello, And thank you for the response. I believe I have done everything correctly as stated, and I am still only seeing 2400MHz after a full reboot of the system, applying the changes and doing the little stress test. I also blocked the part and Serial number because I don't know how important they are for security lol
  13. Hello everyone. So, about a week ago I built a brand new PC, I was obviously on a budget just like most people, and these are the items I grabbed: Mobo: ASrock B450 Pro4 (On newest Bios) CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x (Wanted the fancy cooler) Ram: Team T-Force Vulcan Z 16GB DDR4-3200 MHz GPU: MSI 2070 8GB So, when I first booted (after the flashing process) I managed to enable the XMP profile and that worked great for a while, and I noticed it was only running in 3000 MHz, and I was like "That's not right.." so, I rebooted into my bio's, disabled the xmp and set it up to 3200 MHz, rebooted, no post, it reset about 3 times (failure check is why it stopped I guess), I then turned back on XMP just to see if I could get into boot and...nope! so, I finally reset everything back to factory settings, and got into Windows..then after doing some research I came across Anthony's Third gen Ryzen Overclocking video, and I followed along with him, and everything worked great besides the ram! I have done everything I can think of to get over 2400 MHz but it will NOT Budge. (P.S. I can't even get it to go back to 3000 with XMP like before) Any Ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks Guys!
  14. I currently have a 2 year old AULA keyboard and mouse, with no headphones or mouse pad.