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  1. Oh good, I hope to get 2 more monitors to go with my current one so fingers crossed for no issues! Oh ya... FreeSync, I forgot about how that makes it visually better. Maybe I should move over to a RX 480 huh, I forgot about that entirely somehow . Is going from NVIDIA > AMD easy as far as drivers? Installing/Uninstalling etc..?
  2. Aah ok cool, I assume there's not much of a FPS Difference between the 480 and 1060 ..? Oh and also, with the 3 monitors as well (Whilst gaming on only the middle one), will that be fine and hopefully no issues?
  3. Even on high-demanding games at I assume, High/Ultra? Such as GTA-V as one example ..?
  4. Oh really? dang Would it bottleneck at 1080p-High/Ultra on some demanding games ..? What GPU could I use instead?
  5. Would a Non-Overclocked AMD FX 8350 CPU begin to bottleneck/struggle with an EVGA or ASUS GTX 1060 whilst using 3 monitors whilst gaming on the middle one and having Chrome or w/e on the left and right? I currently have a lame/old NVIDIA GPU and don't want to swap drivers, I prefer NVIDIA GPUs and because drivers are a pain sometimes.. Opinions? Thanks in advance guys
  6. Sweet What would you choose out of the 3 if you had too? I'm kinda stuck between Fractal Design's ones and beQuiet's ones, have heard of beQuiet's ones before but I dunno if they are good as far as noise. Also, are Corsair's fans any good? Or not really? I hear they have some.
  7. Hi all Just wanted to ask, what are some nice and very quiet case fans to consider? I'm getting a new rig, I'm not gonna OC but need quiet fans for my case and cooler. Cooler will be air, not liquid; just a simple Hyper 212 Evo, I hear its nice and quiet soo, ya. Would prefer black as the color so they (Case Fans) don't stand out too much and would prefer a cheaper price (GBP is my currency) and available from Amazon UK preferably. Thanks
  8. Cool Just making a decision on the cooler atm! I'll probably stick with the Arctic one though. I could afford the 212 Evo if I wanted too, I just need the quieter one. Might consider adding case fans at some point in the case also. But yeah, thanks for the help anyways man Freezanator! I really appreciate it
  9. Oh I see. Well, I'll probably end up getting the i7-6700 (Non-K). Refer to the last comment on Page 2, that's what I'll be getting hopefully. Does it look good to go for 4k Gaming and 1080p Vid-Rendering?
  10. @Freezanator, @Matias_Chambers, how does this look?: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/fb2XJV So just to recap, this CPU/Cooler/GPU/Mobo should be a lot better to handle 4k Gaming and 1080p-Vid Rendering, correct? Thank you guys for the help, I really do appreciate it, I just thought the i5 would handle it easily but hopefully the i7 should do better. I did just remember one question which I forgot to originally include. If I game on the middle monitor and have say... Google chrome or whatever open on my left and right monitors, I should be fine and not experience any extra issues, right? If so, then thank you again for the help! Sorry it dragged on a bit but, hopefully all should be sorted when I change the CPU from the i5-6500 to the i7-6700 (Non-K) .
  11. Ok cool, I'll try and see if I can fit that in, will the mobo with an i7-6700 (Non-K) and GTX-1080 be fine? I'm not swapping the mobo, just gonna try to return only the CPU. If I can't get the 6700 (Non-K), I'll get the 6600 (Non-K). I hate to call myself a 'fanboy' but EVGA really does have some nice looking yet performing GPUs, they just amaze me too much!
  12. This is gonna sound RIDICULOUS of me but I'm a bit of more obsessed with EVGA, they do some insanely nice looking PSU, GPUs and other components. I'm not a fanboy or w/e but like, I dunno, I just love theirs more.
  13. i5-6500 + 1070..? Ok sweet! Thanks man! Ohh right, I see. Hmm, I might try and see if I can return the 6500 then before it gets here next week. So for 4k Gaming and 1080p-Vid-Rendering, an i5-6600 + GTX 1080 + 212 Evo would handle that at 60 FPS or lower, Correct? Because as mentioned, I won't be OCing the CPU so.. ya. Will need to keep the 212 Evo because of noise issues mentioned earlier no thanks to my previous rig haha. How does this look?: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/Nt7KKZ
  14. Ok, will the H170 one still work fine though? Like the chipset etc.. I much prefer the IO and price mark that's why, can't find a decent B150 'board.
  15. I kind of misworded what I said originally, I meant 1080p-vid-rendering and 4k Gaming. Not 4k vid editing. My apologies for the confusion!