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  1. absolutely amazing, not a huge iron man fan myself, but totally lovin the build
  2. i think a good name would be gray delicious instead of red delicious, the apple
  3. Vessel Username: snowfoot Favorite Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  4. I would love the 5820k to further advance my video editing.
  5. My favorite item in this antec giveaway would actually have to be the led accent lighting. I like it because where I work it can often be a bit dark so some cool lighting effects would definetly give the space a turning feel.
  6. go with stuff geared to what you will be doing gaming, coding, video, etc wish you best of luck on your build!
  7. The thing I miss the most is the old unboxing videos and the funny storys Linus told about his geurilla business startup all while firing slick in the middle of the livestream, in linus's garage in ski jackets. Oh and Slicks first wan show was soooo awkward but none the less eventually became a major contributor to the show (i even remember how he either wore that green gosu shirt on the stream or that dirty team liquid sweatshirt every time that was never washed P.S i feel bad for linus having to sit next to him or back to the first live streams where linus would brag about the steel series 7hs', or when the live stream could just go forever. You have actually inspired me to eat a huge bag of blueberries when I play nes "oh the after party days". But Seriously I have been watching you guys forever and have favored all of your Opinions on tech and where you are going in the future. Congratulations on 1,000,000 Subscribers and a bunch of other tech specs you guys deserve it and I hope you make the best of your time with the fans that love you most!
  8. sorry didnt see the other ones saw it on flipboard and thought I should let the tech tips crew know
  9. I am so sorry Linus I know he was one of your favorites Source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/08/30/anandtech-founder-anand-lal-shimpi-retires-from-writing/ Copied article here if webpage is down. We don’t always note when fellow tech writers hang up their hats, as those posts can start to seem a bit inside baseball-y. There are times when we just can’t help it, though — some writers are just too darned important. This is gonna be one of those times. Anand Lal Shimpi, namesake founder of the much-adored hardware news/review site AnandTech, announced his retirement from writing today. If you’re any sort of hardware geek, this news probably comes as a bit of a punch in the gut. AnandTech started as an itty-bitty motherboard review site hosted on GeoCities back in 1997, when Anand was just 14. Over the next 17 years, it’s grown into one of the most respected review sites on the Internet. It’s quite rare for a tech review site to be almost universally revered by its audience, but AnandTech has somehow pulled it off for well over a decade. They review hardware to a depth that very, very few publications would even consider approaching, and they do itinsanely well. AnandTech wasn’t around when I built my first computer, but it’s the site I turned to when I built my second. And my third. And every computer since. While Anand doesn’t get too specific about why he’s retiring from writing at just 32, he specifically notes that he’s not leaving for health or business reasons. It sounds like he’s just ready for something new — and given that he’s been doing this since he was fourteen years old, that’s pretty understandable. But fear not: while its namesake may be headed for something new, AnandTech itself isn’t going anywhere. Ryan Smith, previously the site’s Senior GPU Editor, will be taking over as the site’s editor-in-chief.
  10. The first video of linus I saw was on the ncix com channel of some janky blonde haired scrub with a grey adidas sweatshirt unboxing a corsair computer case. Oh how the times have changed
  11. My favorite feature about this new beast from Asus is the build qualiy of the notebook, including the brushed aluminum on the back.
  12. My favorite feature about this phone based on the Linus Tech Team's review on the LG G3 is the thin bezels and the brushed metal looking removalable back!
  13. Dear Santa,.... those are some big booobies
  14. Here I will Start! How Many Llamas Could A Linus Lick If A Linus Could Lick Llamas???