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  1. Hey! A little bit of backstory first, so because I can't buy a true fps mouse, I'm using the Logitech M510 which has a 1000 DPI laser sensor, not optimal, but I've actually gotten used to it. I'm also playing on a macbook because my dad's a diehard Apple fan.... not optimal at all. I use this program called SmoothMouse (find it here at: http://smoothmouse.com) to simulate windows 6/11 mouse sensitivity with mouse acceleration turned off. My in game sensitivity is 1.725 which is an eDPI of 1,725. I'm mostly an awper and for that my mouse sensitivity ratio is 0.7. 0.7* 1725 = an eDPI of 1207.5 when awping. This sensitivity is for some reason extremely slow, i need like 3 swipes on my mousepad to make a 180 turn but I can aim relatively well and precisely with an AK at my current rank of MGE
  2. Cyro

    Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

    Hey LinusTechTips! So my current peripheral setup is: Mouse: Logitech M510 Keyboard: FoxXRay DarkSoul Mechanical Gaming Keyboard FXR-HKM-05 with mechanical blue switches Audio: Apple EarPods Mousepad: A random mousepad I got from playing rec soccer ;-; I currently mostly program and play CS:GO so the mouse set at 400 DPI along with the new better mouse pad and better quality headphones would be a great help!