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    laushik got a reaction from Arcanekitten in Games are giving me black screen flickering - GPU dying?   
    Yeah so no issues playing rocket league on the IGPU... Just had to set it to the lowest cettings for a solid 40 fps lol. Ok let me trying upping the power limit and I will get back to you. I did not, however, un-slot the GPU from the mobo, is that ok? Thanks
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    laushik reacted to TetraSky in Do you know the answer to this math problem?   
    Yay I have no life.
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    laushik reacted to TetraSky in Do you know the answer to this math problem?   
    Isn't A and B basically just the X and Y of the point where both formulas encounter each other? As in you have to compare them :
    A) Would be 9.45 seconds
    B) Would be 462 meters.
    C) Is essentially what I've written

    Am I missing something here? Even DESMOS gives me the same result when entering both formulas. 
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    laushik reacted to Cereal5 in Weird ASUS motherboard voltages   
    Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it too much. As long as the voltage adjusts, and doesn’t go way too high. You can try turning up your LLC, but I wouldn’t go more than 1-2 below the highest for a daily OC
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    laushik reacted to sazrocks in Why are my temps so high?   
    Agreed, but 84C with an H100i and seems like too much something as light as AIDA64, even when taking into account garbage skylake TIM
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    laushik got a reaction from sazrocks in Why are my temps so high?   
    1. Pump is running at 3000 RPM's + at load
    2. I used a pea sized amount of artic silver 5
    3. CPU-Z says 1.328v (constant no matter how much load)
    4. I'm using the default static pressure corsair fans that the AIO came with
    5. I have an NZXT S340. Radiator in the front blowing air with two 120mm exhaust. AKA the cpu is getting fresh ambient air, not air from the case. 
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    laushik got a reaction from sazrocks in Why are my temps so high?   
    Up to 1.4v on Skylake is completely safe/fine. 
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    laushik got a reaction from 17030644 in What do you think of this ASUS Mobo?   
    Already bought it haha. Thanks for the input.
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    laushik got a reaction from The Real Deadpool in Help! Gaming Monitors?!?!?!   
    If you want 4K 144HZ here you go: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236885&Description=4k monitor&cm_re=4k_monitor-_-24-236-885-_-Product
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    laushik reacted to r2724r16 in What do you think of this ASUS Mobo?   
    The Prime Z270-A is an okay motherboard for overclocking. I had a Maximus VIII Gene, and I got a decent overclock on my 6700K with it.
    Check out the ASUS Maximus VIII Hero if you want a good Z170/Z270 ATX motherboard for overclocking.
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    laushik reacted to 17030644 in What do you think of this ASUS Mobo?   
    asus boards are usually overpriced, so I wouldn't buy it 
    but if you like the way it looks or find a good deal on it, then it's a good board for that cpu
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    laushik reacted to bellabichon in What do you think of this ASUS Mobo?   
    Interested as to why you've chosen a Z270 chipset for a CPU designed with the Z170 chipset in mind. You could probably save a few bucks, will no real impact to OC performance, if you went with a high-end Z170 board instead. 
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    laushik reacted to Speed Weed in What do you think of this ASUS Mobo?   
    I think it is good, but my wallet has no money for it. 
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    laushik reacted to fpo in I need guidance on my social life.   
    I think lessons from bill burr will come in handy. I’ll give you the cut down version:
    I’ve seen like 6 people from my 1000~ person graduating class of high school. THAT’S IT. Also if your friends shut you down, maybe they’re not your friends unless they’re joking. 
    Just text people “hey, are you busy this Saturday? If not let’s hang out & play switch.” Or.. whatever game console still has local multiplayer. I used to play halo 3 custom games but halo doesn’t do 4 player online split screen anymore. 
    Other hang out ideas include going to see a movie. One group of my friends we go to see horror movies. I don’t like horror movies but like, the stories in some are really good. Then we go to one of our houses, go in the pool, or play super smash bros Wii U, halo reach multiplayer vs, or Xbox 360 Minecraft splitscreen. 
    My other friend & I play paintball, or go to funny movies or play his PlayStations since he has like 6. One time we played TF2 or NMRIH on our laptops since his is pretty chit. I’ve seen people hang out & play sports, smoke, drink, watch a movie/tv series. Just make sure it doesn’t sound like you’re asking to Netflix and chill. The “cool way” to ask people to spend time with you was “want to hang out *insert day like “weekend*” Or “I’m getting people together to see *movie title* this Friday. Want to come?” 
    In high school all my friends just played Xbox live & we did the group voice chat (Xbox live party). Everyone was online anyway so we all just joined or invited each other. 
    Sometimes if you play matchmaking you might find a clan & they’re usually pretty nice. I was in a few halo 4 clans & they just played multiplayer together & didn’t care about winning. There’s clans like that for every game. Call of duty, halo, so on. 
    Also dont be a sour puss (whatever that means) don’t move around, be sad or say anything self conscious. No one wants to babysit your dad feelings. “It’s only awkward if you say it’s awkward.” If you act like you’re having fun, you usually end up having fun. If you notice, everyone else doesn’t really care. You just have to be confident on the outside and people will like you on the inside. (Kinda like fruit. It’s looks ripe on the outside before it’s ripe on the inside.)
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    laushik reacted to Syntaxvgm in I need guidance on my social life.   
    After high school I ghosted almost everyone, some others the same to me. If you we're a "popular" kid, you'll probably only really stick with 1 or two friends from school. School friends are people that tolerate each other because they're stuck with each other.  Today I have very few friends I see often at all, a few I met in collage, but I think I'm better off for it. I do need to find a way of getting out more without drinking, I dont really like the bar scene. 

    Yes you need people to hang out with, but start small. Find someone at school next year to play games with. Dont even have to fucking like each other that much. Drag your game console to his house or the other way around, take turns taking care of food and waste time together. Sometimes what 2 or more socially introverted people need to 'hang out' is an excuse, even if it's wasting time in the same room on the same games. And there's no dead, awkward air playing games. You'll talk when you want to. I spent a lot of time when I was younger just like, playing halo and battlefield or whatever with random people. Most of whom I dont talk to anymore, but it's alright. Healthy relationships stay, ones where you just dont quite click fade away. Life and stuff.  
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    laushik reacted to Anjelllo in I need guidance on my social life.   
    It gets better and easier. Don’t stop trying. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t let people walk over you because friendship should be a positive relationship both ways. I’ve done autistic shit that would probably horribly embarrass/ traumatise a normal person, but I don’t let it get to me and have become successful in relationships because of it. Just keep taking risks and small steps man. 
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    laushik reacted to RorzNZ in I need guidance on my social life.   
    What you need to do is take small steps. I'm not talking about like saying, "Hi" in an elevator, because I think it's a bit funny, but I live in a different place. When you buy some groceries always say hi to the cashier etc. TBH it sound like your friends are a bit mean, and I wouldn't take what they say to heart. Kids will be kids you know. Don't feel like you are inferior, because you are not, you are just as good as them.
    Also, seeing a psychiatrist isn't something to be afraid of, or to hesistate. Quite a lot of people go sometimes and it's nice to talk things over with someone you can trust. Any psychiatrist is a lot better than any of us can be. (If any of these threads are concerned, what mainly gets confirmed is that most of us aren't to great at interacting either). 
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    laushik reacted to wasab in I need guidance on my social life.   
    My guidance to you: You don't need social life.
    Okay, actual guidance. Video game is the issue. You need time away from your computer screen. Go out and get some exercise first. It has been proven spending time outdoors exercising greatly ease anxienty and builds good mood and attitude. This is because sunlight and outdoor are all mood regulator as well as all the hormones your body released during intense exercise. 
    You don't have to hang around people your age. I mean I never do. I look down on all my peers, especially the ones who are much more successful than me(in looks , intelligence, wealth, whatever). People say I have Napoleon complex but it is common psychology for dealing with insecurity. It safeguards against intimidation and loss of confidence. 
    You can hang around and learn from people older than you or take care of people younger than you. Both builds confidence. Your leadership skills rely on confidence so it is important have a confident attitude. 
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    laushik reacted to Zandvliet in I need guidance on my social life.   
    Sorry to hear this, you yourself gave a good example what to do. Telling your parents is the best thing to do here. Ask them if they had this when they were in school and if they think it's a good idea to talk to a professional. If this is a bridge to far, talk to a professional at school. Not sure if they have it at your school, but in my opinion they should. Those people have a obligation to help you and if you want they cannot tell your parents. 
    Do you play videogames with any class mates? You could ask them online to meet them after school. Start with something small, for example it could be that someone has to go into the same direction as you when you are going home and you can ask them to walk/ride/take bus together. 
    Other then this it's hard to give more advise, things will get better when you're older. You have to believe that you can do it, that is the first step. After which things like this will get easier. 
    Good luck!
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    laushik reacted to Dylanc1500 in What do you think of my youtube gaming channel?   
    That entirely depends on your target audience. You have to find a demographic that is looking for content that you enjoy producing and then cater to that audience. If it's a wide enough audience and you can keep them entertained you will continue to grow till you have plateued with your audience. When you hit that mark you will either stay at that viewership level or you take a chance at expanding your content out to a broader audience. With a possibility of picking up more views, you can also take a chance at loosing some of your "base" viewers.
    As @LAwLz said, it's a gamble and you have to do it because it's something you enjoy. If you produce something people like, you will grow but it's up to you and luck of the draw, as to how far that goes.
    That's just something to chew on though.
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    laushik reacted to LAwLz in What do you think of my youtube gaming channel?   
    I watched part of one of your COD WW2 walkthroughs and here is my feedback:
    Your intro is way too long and because the text movies so much it's incredibly hard to read. Your video was uninformative. It seems more like a "blind playthrough" than a walkthrough. You commentary wasn't really entertaining. Saying "oh my god", "that guy is dead", "this is so cool" over and over is boring. Your videos are almost exactly the same as the 10 billion other channels making gaming videos. You're even playing the same games as everyone else. COD, GTA and Battlefield. Despite what your channel description says, you're the perfect definition of "your average gaming channel".  
    I recommend experimenting with things. You will never get big if you're just doing what everyone else is doing. But I also think that you should just do whatever you think is fun. You should absolutely not expect to get big on Youtube. That's like expecting to win the lottery. It won't happen so if you're not happy making videos with the few views you get today, then you should stop making videos. Make videos because you think it's fun and the process is enough of a reward. Do not make videos because you think you will get bigger. Chances are you won't get more than ~300 subscribers even if you keep doing what you're doing right now for the next 24 months.
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    laushik reacted to KhandakeF in What do you think of my youtube gaming channel?   
    Takes time for a channel to grow, especially during it's beginning stages. Just keep working on it.
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    laushik got a reaction from Zando Bob in How do I set a time limit on iPhone   
    That's unfortunate.
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    laushik got a reaction from LucasRem in How do I set a time limit on iPhone   
    No time limit. D:
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    laushik got a reaction from Zando Bob in How do I set a time limit on iPhone   
    The thing is, I want him to have a phone for safety as well as to have a little fun but not use the internet too much. He doesn't look up bad things he just uses YouTube like CRAZY and needs a time limit.