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  1. Surprised google's backing this given how facial recognition is part of one of Google Photos's main feature
  2. They've offerend iPad engravings for a long time. Airpods engraving makes a ton of sense as it can be a great personalized gift for a loved one. I would love to get one for my girlfriend with her name and her favorite emoji on it for her birthday Don't you really have anything better to do than finding all Apple articles and spewing out nonesense? AirPods have been one of Apple's most successful products accessory products. It reinvograted wireless buds industry, which has for a fact, dramatically improved in quality and price over the last 2 years
  3. I don't even know what you're talking about now. When did hackintosh come into the picture? Why should anyone give a fuck about an old compute? I'm talking about what's available today. And it's standard PCIe express lanes. I don't have a mac with me at hand to give you step by step but it is definitely possible. Google it. I remember seeing the ability to choose various file system formats like Apple Journaled, FAT32, exFAT, APFS, etc
  4. Okay. So are you saying you can't play these games like HL2 on an older mac? Or with bootcamp, in case the game isnt available for mac? And again you seem to be not aware of the existance of the Mac Pro which has PCIe add in cards. Also modern macs also have thunderbolt 3 support for expansions. The only potential issues are the unavailability of drivers, but you can of course get those with bootcamp. So again, your pointing out something that makes no sense apart from creating a false illusion.
  5. Dual Xeon from 2009 that's ahead of i7 7700? Maybe in heavily multi threaded tasks, but I highly doubt it is in single threaded tasks. Yeah except I dont think you can boot from an PCIe NVMe drive in older motherboards since the BIOS wouldn't support it. So you're pretty much lying at this point. And I fairly sure the those 2009 dual Xeons definitly causes a bottleneck with GTX 1050. CPU bottleneck cannot directly be determined from windows task manager, fyi. Also 15%-20% usage running at 1.5 Ghz is suspiciously low while running a game. Also, none of this could be true and you just wanted to comment something to paint the picture in your way
  6. With no background information about anything whatsoever It's pathetic how you try to gaslight non-techies with a comment that has zero background information. Your 11 year old workstation, has most likely DDR2 RAM, which you wont get too far with. Any graphic card upgrade will just be bottlenecked by the CPU, and is frankly a pathetic investment. SSD would just get bottlenecked by SATA2, but i guess it will be a minor performance bump over aging hard drive (even then I doubt the motherboard supports AHCI mode for booting). And if you're replacing the CPU means you're changing the motherboard which means you basically changed the computer. Pfft. So much for talking about straws Also, Apple laptops and desktops from 11 years ago are upgradable too. And if we're talking about workstations, the Mac Pro is definitely upgradable. So, as I said gaslighting. I won't say everyone, but most people here, and that includes me, know a lot about computer hardware since we follow the parent company LTT here for a number of years. So wrong forum, buddy. Try Reddit or something.
  7. My goodness. Are you really this oblivious to fill in some gaps and derive stuff? Do i really need to hold your hand step by step and guide you? I said single SKUs. Samsung has a million phones with a million variations, while Apple has at most 5-10 phones from the past 5 years, ignoring storage and colour options. That's an anolgy, if you didnt understand Dell and HP has a gazzilion laptops. Dell's XPS 13/15 is not even close to as popular as MacBook Pros. That's the entire fucking point. Opening up a dell workshop means you need to stock in parts for every single variant of their laptops which is physically just not possible. With Apple products, you can actually stock up and source spares and parts. Strange Parts channel shows this clearly. It's extremely easy to source Apple parts, due to their narrow product line from places like china, while it's very difficult to find a no name dell or hp laptop part, or a a specific part for one of millions of mid range phones that samsung has. What is wrong with you? You keep making same baseless arguments everywhere without any solid facts at all. Yes, my harsh reply is because I honestly don't have patience with people's stupidity Yeah, go ahead show me any other company who accepts accidental drop, or spill of coffee as warranty service. Please stop digging your hole deeper with some nonsense you pull out. Take your Android phone, break it's glass and try to claim your warranty? We'll see how far you go Hmm, so you pull some random small naunces that Rossmann went haywire about, yet iof absolutely affects almost nobody. You don't know the design procedures taken by Apple. You don't know the reasoning behind why the did it in a certain way. And most definitely, you aren't aware about the similar kind of things in other laptops. For examples, asus makes great PC hardware (motherboard, graphic card, etc) but their laptops are the worst, with motherboards just randomly dying (and that's where these so called flaws need to depserately be fixed) People call them, you mean anti apple fanboys like you do call them . Apple has on of the highest if not the highest customer satsifaction in the entire fucking industry. Razer does not even come close (in fact probably has the biggest gap that's even possible, if they are indeed at the bottom of the barrel) Linus gave a glowing review for the new blade. He didn't say anything about their faliure rates, apart from one video over a year ago and the in WAN show. Microsoft isn't covered really well my LTT and their products are pretty much garbage apart from the Surface Laptop, which is overpriced and doesn't even have something as basic as TB3 Yeah try sourcing and stocking up donor motherboards for every single SKU of Dell laptops. Facepalm No, other machines are so much worse. If you expect Apple to be perfect you're delusional. Apple has earned it's name in the industry. That seems to be a fact that just doesnt go through your head. I dont care what you're smoking but the sun rises from east, not west and you can't change the fact that Apple has always topped in all categories, especially in customer satsifaction. Yeah, so all their repair programs had a lawsuit behing them. It just takes a vist to Apple's website to find out if they admitted any mistake and offering a completely free replacement even after years of production. No other company does it, and nobody else gives a shit about those companies. but because it's Apple, there seems to be people who waste their time online to propogand against them because they can't afford their products or they just never had the liberty to ever try one of their products. If that's the case, move on and dont spew nonsense about things you dont know. I along with so many others in forum, have used both Apple and their competition's products extensively before we drew these conclusion. When did you admit wrong? Yes, file sharing on android is dumb and you have to rely on internet based services to relaiably do anything well. Apps like ShareIt and Xender are extrememly unreliable and is a multi step process. And YOU NEED THAT APP (you just shot your own argument here). And let's not even talk about the number of ads that makes these apps extremely frustrating to use. Lol, did you just bring security over wired transfer as an argument? FYI, it's all encrypted. The only way to intercept usable informartion is to get the decoded message from the source or the destination. And well turns out IOS also has much better security than android, but ofc we both know you were referring to intercepting the wireless transfer and made it evident that you don't seem to knoa anything about encryption also. Apple bias, there's no hope for you kid. If you just can't accept that Airdrop is better than wired transfer or unrelaible app based transfer, then just stop wasting your time. You've already buried yourself Also USB C does not automatically mean USB 3.0/3.1. The fact that you're on a PC hardware forum and you don't know that is quite embarrassing And PS, iPads where USB C port matters more have USB 3.0 transfer speeds. Lightning, a 2012 tech, always had the pins required for USB 3 transfer speeds too (as evidenced by the first iPad Pro). My OnePlus 7T, a 2019 flagship supports only USB 2. So it's not as ubiquitous as you like to make it seem (because you know, you're a kind of fanboy and spread false information. You remind me Tesla shorts who keep spreading misinformation when Tesla stocks are at an all time high)
  8. And both of you of just convinently ignored the part I gave justification for why Rossmann needs to know about other laptops. Apple has a HUGE marketshare, compared to everyone else. Among millions and millions of perfectely fine MacBooks that EXIST in the wild, few of them, let's say at worst ten thousand end up in repairshops like Rossmann after the customers were denied of the official free first party repair by Apple. That is about 0.01% of faliure rates. And here, we are ignoring user caused damages like liquid damage and devices that were dropped out of the balcony, which if we're being honest is the number one reason why Apple denies service in the first place. Lenovo, Dell and HP have a millions of laptops, so it's very difficult to know the faliure rates of each model and is also not profitable, to just specialize in one of these comapanies just because of the vast variety of products are relatively less market share. Microsoft and Razer are the two companies that have a stremalines selection of products, but the faliure rates in those devices and laughable to the point where it's a known fact and nobody cares anymore (most of LMG staff's razer Blades are dead after 3 years and Microsoft is well known for their unresolved software issues that continue to plague their products) So yes, basic statsiscs show how profitable Apple repair business is, just because of the sheer number of devices. And couple that with the fact that Apple just tend to replace the entire logic board instead of replacing one capacitor means it's pratcially and untapped goldmine for these people, as Apple is forced, by themselves to charge a lot for repairs. So yes, if Rossmann is going to critizie Apple, its only because he sees broken Apple machines and he needs to widen his view and just see how pathetic the rest of the industry is. Apple products have always been known to be extremely relaible outside of specific issues like butterfly keyboard, and that is still the general consesus. A repairman's rant about how one IC failed in proabably hundred cases out of million doesn't automatically imply that al MacBooks are dead on arrival. And who would that be? It's very well documented that everywhere online that Apple doesn't sample their devices for free to reviewers, while pretty much every other company is known to do. And if you're going to come up with a conspiracy theory that Apple has been secretly sponsering a lot of them for years and it's some sort of hidden cult, wake up, this is just a stupid dream of yours. "Told people you're using it wrong". I'm sorry, when did Apple say that? Is this how blatantly ignorant you fanboys are. This one fact is enough to discredit everything you say because you clearly have a habit of taking things out of context (and in this case, a statement from 10 years ago about a completely different issue) to skew it into you're little pipedream. Spray of compressed air solution. I don't see anything wrong with that. Yeah they designed a new keyboard, it turned out to not be great. But some people's issue was solved by the compressed air technique and that was more of a bandaid solution that they would later try to fix in the next model. What did you expect Apple to do? Immediately refresh the products the next day? Or later get logistics in place to fix it free for customers? Oh wait, shit, they did the latter. And do you not know the existance of the 16" in MBP that fixed the keyboard? Omg, so you think AirDrop is an App. Bravo! You come into LTT forum like a fucking expert and don't even know the basic or seem to have ever used an Apple product in 5 years. it gives me an impression that you're just a 12 year old kid who can't afford an Apple product and just being salty about it. No, Android phones have terrible wireless sharing, and for that you need an app. And apps like ShareIt do not ever reliably work well. Transffering with USB cable is fucking 2000s tech for Apple users, and USB file transfers are usually always over USB 2 which is extremely slow for today's standards.
  9. Yeah and Apple doesn't sample anyone free hardware. Maybe early look for large publications but that's it. Also most reviewers who in fact even do a thorough review of Apple devices aren't the once who got an early look anyway. So your point is invalid at best. I single him out because he doesn't seem to know jackshit about the return rates, software problems and hardware defects of other laptops. Razer has horrible track record, asus laptops are known to just die, etc. And general consensus for Apple hardware has always been great (apart from the major fuckup of the butterfly keyboard, which they now fixed). And the reason why there are shops specializing in Apple hardware repairs is because of the sheer number of Apple devices existing in the real world. Apple has the highest market share in most places if you take category by category basis. iPhones are the most popular 700+ smartphones. MacBooks are the most popular laptops compared to any other single Windows model, Apple Watch dominates smartwatches, and iPad is uncontested. So among a millions and millions of devices, a few hundreds getting broken (and most of them being user damage like liquid) is normal. The fact that you can't seem to get that baffles me. Yeah, so airdrop is appreantly and App in the app store. Smh.Please, tell me an easy way to transfer files from android phone to a windows device like airdrop?
  10. If you only watch the negative reviews of Apple, obviously your opinion will be against Apple. Bu the fact of the matter is that Apple is a very successful company. And they wouldn't have been a 10th of their size if customers didnt like their products. I have owned a lot of their products and I loved all of them for their reliability and just how different they sometimes are with the competiiton. it's usually always Apple who set trends in the tech industry. Rossmann has strong bias against Apple. he only sees broken machines among tens and millions of perfectly fine machines. And what old technology are you referring to? If you're going to bring up some paper specs, forget it, it doesn't matter as long as the experiance is good (like iPhone's 3GB RAM vs Android's 8 or 12GB these days). You can load files onto iPhone FYI via files app, and media via apps like Infuse. The fact of the matter is, they make great products more often than not and they have a perfectly satisfied and appreciating customer base.
  11. Everyone uses vapour chamber. But in traditional design, it's just at the bottom of the laptop and it leads to a fan which would then push out the heat. If I understood correctly, the design Intel is talking about is attaching a graphite sheet to the vapor chamber tubes, the former of which stretches all the way from the bottom of the laptop to the entire back of the screen, significantly increasing the heat dissipation area. Obviously questions like how the graphite sheet will go through the hinge and how durable the hinge will be will hopefully be answered soon at CES
  12. This isn't a technology to replace LCD or OLED screens. It's just an alternative tech where persistent images can be shown on huge displays without any power consumption. Imagine, billboards, ads, book readers, etc. And in that regard, coloured e-ink displays is truly a great thing, even if it's colour range might be limited compared to what we're used to these days
  13. What are you talking about? E-inks have always been this laggy. They need to refresh the whole screen and it always takes about a second
  14. You're missing the point. He only encounters broken Apple devices when the fact is there are probably millions of working Apple devices in that area. We all know Apple is extremely popular. We all know Apple users usually almost love all their products and what it offers. All my Apple devices have reliably lasted much longer than any other product and that's a sentiment that's among the general consumers. That's the point. If Apple products sucked and always prematurely died, they would've died long ago. No customer is going to buy the same device again after prematurely failing the first time. No one in the right mind would do that, and I would be hating Apple if that was the case with any of all the Apple devices I have owned for the past few years. Rossmann doesn't fix other products. He doesn't know the failure rates in other products. Yes sometimes there are valid criticism he makes with certain design choices, but it doesn't really matter as long as it's not causing a huge hassle to the end user. You didn't get how the T2 works. I can't go into technicalities but it's very well explained in the previous comments and you really don't need a dedicated ARM processor to cryptographically lock each and every component. But T2 offers so many other benefits from security stand point, so you're just muddying the water on something, based on assumptions, which have otherwise only been great for consumers.
  15. If you really think corporation can somehow succeed without consumers approval, you're quite delusional What? How does this have anything to do with what you quoted me with. What I said is that making an Apple repairshop is good business, just because of the number os Apple devices that are out there I'll tell you what Apple wants to achieve and what Apple is doing wrong. Apple just doesn't want to sell spare parts because they don't want customers or inexperianced repairman to damage their device. Because at the end of it consumers would just blame Apple, in case their device also fails after the 'repair'. So, Apple wants to take everything in-house. Except they don't have time like Rossmann and others to spend time inspecting every nook and cranny of the board for faults and replace failed component. Moreover if there were more issues unrelated to the inital problem, it wouldn't be addressed with all the time they spent addressing the first one. So to avoid all these hassles, they just replace the entire logic board, which in turn increases the price I can understand where Apple is coming from. Are they doing a perfect job handling this? No. Far from it. In fact a terrrible job, for both the consumer and Apple themselves. But it's been more of a delicate balance, where a few among millions of users are exposed to eye watering Apple repair prices and if the problems are common enough, Apple takes all the beating (deservedly so, for overlooking it in the first place) by offering free repairs are replacements. Other companies, don't have to worry as much because the media doesn't have half as interest in lenovo, dell, HP than it does have on Apple. Just like how the media loves to trash Tesla. To kind of mitigate this issue to a certain degree, they've annouced independant repair program, where technicians are required to undergo training and can repair Apple devices out of warranty Yeah a few thounsands of broken devices among at least a millions of Apple devices around is pretty less than 1% of Apple devices that do end up having faults. And the figure of thousands probably includes user errors like liquid damage. If you expect all Apple devices to be perfect while others can have faults, then i have nothing else to say to you. Just because some guy on the internet, running a repairshop making videos is complaining about Apple exists, doesn't mean everything he says are just universal facts. He isn't a genius of sorts. He doesn't know anything about the faliure rates with other devices. He doesn't know how complicated Apple's logistics for detailed repairwork as he does are. We have all the facts laid on the table. It's pretty easy to put the puzzle together. If Apple's intention was to just loot customers their money, they would've died long ago. If Apple's intention is to loot customers of their money by providing a lot of exclusive benefits for all it's users, making the user able to justify some of it's higher prices in certain category, congratulations you just defined what a buisness actually is (well done, give yourself a pat on the back). If you don't support or like the business, don't buy it. End of the Story.