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  1. I don't think hate speech is the reason these people are feeling distraught. Watching brutal murders, child pornography, rape videos and getting subject to constant conspiracy theories can make you go pretty haywire, especially when they're underpaid and the whole workplace is a despressing place to be in. You don't know for certain. In a environment like that you can be desperate to feel good and both weed and sex are the easiest way to feel good. Joking about suicide can maybe be an internet joke, but joking about suicide to your friends and saying things like "it would be cool if I die like this tomorrow" in real life is usually always a secret cry for help. I have gone through depression and it's no joke.
  2. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    Can you please stop this back and forth. You or somebody probably brought up a point that compared Apple to someone else and hence I brought it up. Don't just read the last reply and completely misjudge of what is going on It's a PR statement, duh. That is very obvious here. Logically they would open themselves to alot of returns and unwarranted complaints if they said that it is a defect and call out a replacement program. But again, if it did come out of the box bent, you can return it within 14-days, so there's no issue here whatsoever I doubt a mm thickness would've prevented this. Even though it's 5mm it does look thick due to flat sides for the Pencil. Adding a mm thickness to those flat edges would probably made the iPad look bulky and that would of course be a strict no no for jony Ive We all want is a perfectly working device from all companies. But sometimes we get phones that may burst, have a barrage of software issues still unfixed (pixel and surface), cracked screen, motherboard IC issue, durability issues, etc. Get it replaced, if any of this including the issue at hand occurs to you. My goodness. talking to this forum is the most pointless time waste I've ever seen You didn't see my previous replies then. In short, they would open themselves to people who'd take advantage of the replacement program. Yes, they shouldn't have said what they said. But the fact is there is a 14-day return period if it does come bent out of the box It's an assumption. Nothing more. It could be something along those lines or entirely different. I didn't make any claims Saying it's normal is a pure PR statement. It is defective, but customers can return it within 14-days Urghh, god just read the previous stuff. Read the 4th reply above this and if you want a more elaborate explanation read my previous replies Abrupt cooling can cause microfractures in the metal due to as you said compression of the internal and the exterior metal. In fact, that property is taken advantage is some cooling process, if I remember correctly. Back here, yeah it's probably due to the different compression rate of the chassis and the plastic that caused it to bent
  3. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    Residual bending after the faulty cooling, probably due to the formation of microfractures in the metal frame. It does happen in rare cases.
  4. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    I love how you didn't even read before you replied. I never said to justify Apple because other companies do bad. All I said is apple gets way more attention for every small little thing that isn't even an issue. It's part of a cooling process. So, it must be in some kind of abrupt cooling done by a few of the machines that causes it to bend. NOT EVERY iPad comes bent out of the box (you really need to get that in your head when you're talking about this) By a perfect device I actually meant production with 0 defect rate, which is impossible, even for a trillion dollar company, especially when they make in batches of tens and million, a way higher magnitude than any of the competition in all major categories. I really doubt it came bent out of the factory as it wouldn most definitely not have passed QC. It probably bent aftward due to minor cracks after quenching. But we can't know for sure and again we only have a few people reporting this, and everyone who owns an iPad would've confirmed it by now if it indeed was a widespread problem
  5. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    Apple is not the only one who sells expensive products. Alot of top end Android phones costs as much and microsoft has even gone two steps ahead in the pricing game when it comes to computers. And surely all of those products gets as much as attention. Umm, excuse me, he implied that no one cared about the security of biometrics by saying that I had to understand that no one has standards like me See, when did I say these weren't small issues? Please quote me. When I was talking about Apple getting extra attention I always referred to chargegate and beautygate. And these were major issues that spans across 8 years across all their products. What about other companies? Pixel hada beta software. Surface had issues for years before they finally (I think) figured out with Surface 5, Samsung has always had slow software experience (but it has become normal now), etc. Now, I don't care about any of these things, for the issue at hand this is what i said,
  6. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    What in the world? You yourself said that people don't have standards as I do i biometrics Wow, and you completely ignore the biggest paragraph in my reply pertaining solely to the topic at hand. Just wow. This is the kind of shit I can't understand
  7. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    No other company gets as much as attention for every little thing as Apple. What world are you living in? Do you think Pixel issues were National news? Chargegate and beautygate were. Huh. Biometrics are supposed to be secure. Are you justifying android manufacturer's poor biometrics implementation? This is precisely an area where Apple needs to get more credit but doesn't get What, I'm giving a fucking example? My point being, no other companies get strictly covered in mainstream media for every small little issue that pops up. As far as I see this is an isolated problem and people can return their product if it comes bent. The only shitty thing here was apple's PR statement. There's absolutely no fucking issue here. And and I am a 100 percent certain that other products like surface, or samsung phones or pretty much every other company also have a few defective devices out in the wild too, but it never pops up in media because no one cares. Pixel and Surface issues are extremely notorious for their numerous number of software issues but it honestly died down and people are just used to it. But when it's Apple you suddenly have the I hate Apple fanboys and hundreds of YouTubers making a specific video about it and shit goes crazy. And what about positive Apple news? Most people here completely ignore all the positive Apple news and just posts the negative. That itself speaks of the negativity of the forum
  8. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    But why would someone do that. Very few people will manage to break the device within 14 days as opposed to after a year. You never understood my point Sure, right. Tablets and even thin laptops are extremely bendable. Check bend tests. But only Apple gets covered in the mainstream media. Unless something retarded like exploding batteries or selling user data, Apple even gets attention in media for very few isolated chargegate and beautygate Check the above. Same point. Apple gets scrutinized for every small thing. They should, but people should do it for other companies too. For example iPhone's face ID and touch ID was put into extensive tests in the lab, but what about the competition? Everyone has an objectively worse and a far less secure biometrics but no one cares and OnePlus is praised for their faster face unlock feature, even though it can easily be tricked by a photo Is it a widespread problem? No. There will definitely be a few rotten Apples in basket of millions. Stop expecting Apple to make a 100% perfect device. No one can do that. If it's widespread enough, Apple has historically always had a replacement program and if this blows into an issue again after a few months, then it's an actual problem
  9. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    This is just like all other Apple issues. Overblown out of proportion. Probably like 10 people got it bent out of box of the otherwise million of people who perfectly have an non defective product. Yes, Apple's wording has to be significantly improved here, but otherwise I am quite sure the defective units are very very very less. Also, really who else is in the tablet market anyway. Only Microsoft with Surface Line but I highly doubt they move as many products as Apple does with iPad. Plus ipad is significantly thinner and Microsoft has way more issues than a software company ever should have
  10. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    Heh, so how else are they supposed to know which one was genuinely bent accidently and purposefully? Yes, of the millions of iPads sold, there will definitely be at least thousands of people who would take advantage of the system. It's will definitely not be insignificant like 1 or 2 or 10 They allow a 14-day return period. A recall program of theirs usually last from anywhere between 1-3 years. God please think before you start spouting out stuff Wtf? Fine RMA it. Goodness. Stop fucking over reacting. If you don't have an Apple store close to use, return it, let them inspect it and I can guarantee it won't take more than 2 weeks to receive a new product. And honestly that would be a no brainer for anyone who cracked the screen and wanted to take advantage of the system Anyway, my point is. If your iPad came bent out of the box, just return it within 14 days and get a new one.
  11. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    What? Make a point. Their recall program usually lasts from anywhere between 1-3 years Oh wow, you could've thought for like 10 seconds before reubutting on that. Say I own an iPad and scratch it, or theres a minor screen damage, because say I dropped it. Under this recall, anyone can easily bend it and claim that then bend caused the damage and under which Apple will be obligated to replace the iPad, FOR FREE. There will be more than a handfew who would definitely take advantage of it. Waiting few days for RMA to get a brand new shiny device, especially after it's been used roughly and extensively isn't even a question. And FYI replacement program doesn't take weeks in Apple Stores, they do it instantly as all they have to do is hand down a brand new device.
  12. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    What are you trying to say? There is a solution to it. Apple is providing a way to return. They just wont accept it if you try to return it after two weeks of purchase which 99% would mean that the user bent it. But that scenario of someone accidently bending a tablet seems unlikely (but as demonstrated by Zack it should be made internally stronger to provide a safe zone) Now two things could have occured, Apple admits mistake and makes a recall program. Suddenly you'll have so many people purposely bending it to get a new one. Two Apple can brush it off, so they'll avoid the first problem completely and those 2 people who accidently bent it would suffer. So I'm pretty sure a for-profit corporation chose to sacrifice 2 customers rather than losing million and million of dollars replacing the iPads. So yeah the option is no brainer and don't expect Apple to be some kind of saint and do things that no companies wouldn't. And as always Apple news always gets blown out of proportion, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's like only 5 people who got bent iPads, out of the tens and million they shipped
  13. RedRound2

    iPad Pros Shipping Bent from Apple, new feature

    There is a 14-day no question return period. If it's bent just return it and buy a new one Is it bad? yes. But stop jumping into conclusions I'm pretty sure Apple said this so they can avoid people from purposely bending it to get a new one
  14. No, Apple just uses Bluetooth. They use the W1 for seamless pairing, iCloud sync and whatnot, but fundamentally it works over Bluetooth itself
  15. RedRound2

    Apple to replace unresponsive iPhone X screens for free

    They have so many programs like this. This isn't anything new. But some issues draws media attention way before Apple rolls out a program, hence Apple getting the label of 'shipping defective products'. This like most other, wasn't somehow caught by the "I hate Apple passengers"