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  1. Alright boys and girls, lets talk about something crazy and I want some discussions and conversation about this lightly thought subject that should be thought deeply. Do you wipe your ass standing up or sitting down.For myself I wipe my ass sitting down. Why? Because its not meant to be a squatting exercise and its easier to wipe. I want you to say which style and why?
  2. So both, my brother and I, own arma 3. When one of us is playing a server on arma 3 its fine when one of us joins the same server, we both crash and says no message received and I am forced to quit.
  3. So I have a geforce gtx 760 graphics card and for my cpu is a AMD FX-8350 eight core processor. Which one should I invest in more?
  4. I'm a level 18 on steam but it doesn't sound too awful but I want something to enjoy during my free time.
  5. I have $20 in steam wallet because I refunded a game and now I want to spend it but I don't know what to buy off steam. Any recommendations?
  6. My current keyboard is a red dragon and my mouse is also from red dragon. My headset is a bit better than compared the keyboard and mouse but my headset is a hyper cloudX. My computer: amd fx-8530 gtx 760 1tb hardrive (blue) 8 gb ballistix ram sticks 760 watts corsair power supply
  7. I have $20 in my steam wallet and I want to use it but I don't know what to spend it on. Any ideas?

  8. Do you think I should just lower everything in Arma 3 configurations tab or should I invest in a new component for my computer?
  9. okay thanks i will be downloading that now
  10. what type of i5 would you recommend me to buy?
  11. the games are really old and never popular or they are just poor quality games that no one likes in my opinion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. My Cpue is clocked at 3.50 GHz and i don't know how to check for thermal throttling.
  13. So I have AMD FX-8350 eight core processor, geforce gtx 760, 1 tb hardrive, and 8 gb of ram. I have trouble running Arma 3 with a maximum of 30 fps on low (depends on what server i am playing). Any suggestion in what I should invest in to help make my computer run smoother when playing arma 3?
  14. Is quoting on a post the same as replying or not?