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  1. I fixed it by flashing to older bios then current one
  2. i was helping a friend with her comp, and had her driver connected to my comp, and was trying to install an OS onto it, and i noticed this cluster is my BIOS any idea how to fix? ive tried flashing the BIOS
  3. i recently got a blu ray player for my computer, and i need a good software to be able to actually use it (who knew windows doesnt allow it natively) anyways, righgt now im just using a trial version of powerDVD but its trail ran out. Any good recommendation for cheap or free blu ray software?
  4. Checked bios, everything looked ok, still cant use DP
  5. all drivers up to date, ill try the bios thing tomorrow
  6. im not sure if its the graphics card or the monitor, but for some reason the display port doesnt work on my second monitor. When i plug an adapter (DP to HDMI) it works just fine, but i cant actually use a DP cable, any ideas?
  7. did all that, setup with my headset as default devices, it doesnt detect mics from 2 headsets Edit:gonna try to go back to windows 1709 latest build and see if that works
  8. my mic from my 2 headsets isnt being detected in windows 10 after the spring update, tried 2 different headsets and mics and 2 different apps arent picking up that im talking (discord and overwatch) any ideas on how to fix?
  9. OMG i am a dumb@$$, i had it on balanced power plan, thank you this fixed, i thought it was a BIOS issue..........
  10. I noticed this in CPUID HW monitor, my voltage ALWAYS stays at 1.2ish volts, and clock always stays above 4.2, it never slows down when idle, ive tried everything, i even just did a bios reflash, does anyone have any idea how to fix so im not always pushing 1.2-1.25 volts through CPU and its not always holding clock at 4.2ish?
  11. i would prefer a USB blu ray player
  12. i cant do that, all my ports are used, 4 for my raid array, and 2 are disabled because of sata m.2, it diables ports 5 and 6, plus, i have a 360mm rad on top, and i dont have room to put my 5.25" drive cage with a drive back into it