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  1. steinikekevin

    is ubiquiti any good?

    I just recently purchased a ubiquity Edge Router X. So far so good, though I don't plan on using any of its 'controversial' features. I have had issues with my internet connect for months, (intermittent outages) that my ISP claims is on my side of the modem. I know that the ER-X isn't a 'professional' level device, but i needed to replace my router anyway to try and solve my woes, and $50 for a stand alone device to 'route my network' is a win in my book. As many have said on this thread already, its a solid upgrade from most consumer gear, and that is why I bought it for my home. (sorry this was sort of off topic, but wanted to throw my $.02 in anyways.)
  2. steinikekevin

    Running ethernet to a detached garage

    Thanks! I wonder how deep I should dig down?
  3. steinikekevin

    Looking to loose wegiht

    Try to eat a large breakfast, and progressively smaller meals as the day goes on. I have always had success eating a small meal every 3 hours or so. A 'meal' could be a light dinner, or a serving of almonds. Don't make huge changes, make some changes that you can sustain.
  4. steinikekevin

    Running ethernet to a detached garage

    In my seemingly never-ending quest to run ethernet to many rooms of my house, I decided it would be nice to have a hard line run out to my garage. Ideally I would run 2 lines, but that's not really the point. Does any have any personal experience running CAT6 underground? my garage is roughly 100ft away from my house, and I would rather put in the effort to have an ethernet port or 2 in my shop out there. I have found direct burial CAT6 cabling, but I was thinking I might run conduit from my house to the garage, in case I ever want/need to run another line. Any tips or suggestions, or any feedback would be welcomed!
  5. steinikekevin

    Experiences with non-techies

    "But you can get my facebook on this computer, right? I don't want to lose my facebook. My card games are all have.." "Yep, once you go to facebook you just log in and boom, all of your stuff is there" "But how will facebook get on my new computer?? Will you copy it over for me??" ...
  6. steinikekevin

    Experiences with non-techies

    Back when I sold computers at a box store we offered a file transfer service, and many customers liked to take advantage of it. Most of the older women were only ever concerned about losing their facebook stuff. Trying to explain that Facebook info is stored in 'the cloud' to a 90 year old lady buying a $200 emachines laptop, that took patience...
  7. steinikekevin

    How to tell if Modem is working correctly or not

    Even with the router out of the equation, I have no internet, I have tried my desktop right out of the modem, and same issue. As far as replacing the modem with my ISP, the modem they 'rented' me costs $10 a month, I went out and bought a Motorola SB6121, which has worked fine for the most part. I could go out and buy a new one, but I would like to know if its my modem, or my ISP before I spend money on a new one.
  8. For the last year or so, my internet connection has intermittently dropped at completely random times. Sometimes at night, sometimes in the middle of the day, sometimes it will work fine for weeks on end with. Random. I have yet to find anything on my end as far as a trigger, or anything that I can attribute it to. My question is, is there anything I can do to test if the issue is my modem or not? I am fairly confident my wireless router not the issue, though I guess I could never be 100% sure. When the internet connection drops, I am still connected to my network on my mobile devices, and I can still see my other devices on the network, despite losing the internet. So I am kind of left thinking either my modem is having hiccups or its an issue with my ISP. I have looked into the logs on my modem and there is a error that comes up a few times, but the timing doesn't line up with my outtages. Is there a way I test to make sure my modem is working fully?