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  1. Hello is it worth buying a 13” MacBook Pro refurbished for 327.00 dollars? It has 2.5 i5 processor and intel HD 4000 graphics. know it’s not powerful enough for gaming or video editing but wondering if still good for music recording, guitar etc.
  2. Hello, What DSLR camera would be good to get started with photography? What would be a good entry level? What would be better than a entry level? Should I go mirror less? I am thinking about going with one of the lower end Nikon DSLR cameras. Want to be able to shoot in raw.
  3. Hello I have a new Acer Predator XB273K 4K monitor at 144hz. When ever I play the Witcher 3 game, the game window is small on the screen. I tried switching the monitors resolution down to 1440p but the game window only gets a little bigger. What can I do to fix this?
  4. Thanks. It is calibrated from the factory. I will do professional color accurate work. So a calibrator tool is good to have.
  5. Thank you. I need to learn more. I need to learn what PC ICC profiles are. So the monitor I interested in has 100%sRGB, 87% Adobe RGB, and 90% DCI-P3 in HDR mode. I can choose between SDR mode 100%sRGB or 90%DCI-P3 HDR mode. So keep it in DCI-P3 mode to attain the Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 color spaces, and use a custom profile calibration to see what values of the color space I can get?
  6. Ok, so as long as the monitor I buy has the color gamut values I want, I dont need to buy one that is already ready to switch between them in the menu as long as I have a calibrator?
  7. Hello, I am learning about monitor color spaces, SRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, etc. I have been looking at monitors that have all three, and thought that it had to have a function to be able to switch between them. I am noticing some monitors dont have a button to switch between them. I notice that some monitors list their values of the color spaces. But only like you choose between HDR(DCI-P3), and SRGB. In order to get the different color gamuts a monitor lists that it has, are you supposed to calibrate to get that color space if it doesn't have it listed in the settings? If a monitor says it has DCI-P3, Adobe RGB, and SRGB but only lets you switch between DCI-P3 and SRGB, does that mean you need a calibrator to get the Adobe RGB gamut?
  8. Hello I have a Asus laptop that I use for gaming, graphic design, video editing. It comes with a 512gb NVME M.2 ssd drive. I have a 1 TB Samsung 860 EVO ssd. I want to start adding the games and graphic design, video editing software to it. Which hard drive should it be on? The NVME M.2 drive or the 1 TB ssd?
  9. I'm plannig on getting my hands kn a Huawei matebook x pro.

    Should i consider buying the 2019 version or stick with the "old one"?

    P.s.: I'm from Germany


    1. g335




      Dont know much about Huawei stuff but I looked at the specs and it seems like it has weak hardware.  What are you using it for?


      I would go for the best that you can if you are using it for any professional graphic work. For office work it might be fine. Alot of notebooks by Asus, MSI, Dell have much better specs than from what I saw for the Huawei. 

    2. DaRodla


      Using it mainly for studying and light editing.

      Maybe some slight gaming aswell (League of Legends e.g.).

      I would prefer Huawei over Dell or Asus, partly because of the looks and because of the huge Trackpad and Screen to body ratio.

      What would be your suggestions if I should decide to get something else?

    3. g335


      If you are doing editing of photoshop, you need a laptop with at least 99% sRGB color gamut or as close as you can. The same for video editing. Other things need to look for are DCI-P3 which is a color gamut that is almost the same as sRGB, Rec 709 which is good to have for video editing.  

      If you are going to do print, than having a laptop with as close to 99% Adobe RGB is good to have. Adobe RGB is the color gamut used for printing and covers a wider color selection than sRGB. sRGB is the color gamut used for digital(online, video, non print things.) You can use sRGB to print. It all depends on your printer and/or what printing service you use.


      Laptops with these specs begin to become expensive. A way to still get good color gamut is to find a monitor with the specs. That way you can connect the monitor to the laptop.  


      Apple computers have a good screen and color gamut and many graphic students in the states use it, some schools suggest it. The school I went to uses macs.  But what I dont like about Macs right now is that the Macbook Pros dont have a good video card and they are expensive.


      At this point I would find a laptop with at least a i7 in it. The i7 8750H or the newer i7 9750H. A i5, like a i5 9300H would still get the job done but will be slower. Also now AMD are putting their newer Ryzen chips into laptops now so that makes for cheaper laptops.


      Info about the Nvidia MX150 that comes in the Huawei laptop and some lower end ones in the states.



      According to the article, the MX150 found in the Huawei laptop is weak.

      I would suggest a laptop with at least a  GTX 1050 video card in it.


      Lower priced laptops:

      Asus Scar II  GL504GW 15in laptop with i7 8750 and RTX2070    The GL504GV is the same except has a RTX 2060 and cheaper. 100% sRGB.



      ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GM501GS-XS74 15.6" laptop.  Has a i7 8750H and a GTX 1070 or GTX 1060. Less than 100% sRGB.



      For Dell I would look at the G3, G5, and G7 laptops.




      MSI look at the GL63 series

      Has 100% sRGB color gamut. 



      I dont know the prices of the laptops in the country that you live. But with the specs you should look for I mentioned above, you can check different manufacturers.


      You will want a laptop with at least 99% sRGB, a GTX 1050 video card, and a i5 9300H cpu.


      Hope this helps




  10. Hello I bought the Asus Hero Strix 3 15in laptop. Its a good laptop for gaming, at 144hz, i7 9750H, 2070 RTX full not max q. I was going to use the laptop to game and do graphic design and video editing. It has the power but not the screen for it. found out that the sRGB only is about 87 percent. I can upgrade to the Asus Zephyrus 15in with 144hz, i7 9750H, 2070 RTX full not max q and the screen is 99 percent sRGB and has a special color Pantone screen. Or I can just buy a monitor to connect to the Hero Strix 3 for doing graphic design work. But if I use only the laptop for graphic design anytime without the monitor, the color gamut is not as good. If I buy the Zephyrus and return the Hero Strix 3, thats an extra 800 dollars I have to spend. If I keep the Hero Strix 3 and buy a monitor, the monitors I am looking at are between 600 and 800 dollars. Which should I do, return the Hero Strix 3 and buy the Zephyrus or keep the Hero Strix 3 and buy a monitor?
  11. Ok not worth getting a MacBook Pro now? ok Thanks
  12. I meant Mac Book Pro. it has 2.3 ghz cpu’s. Herr more versatile?
  13. Hello I have a choice of purchasing a Apple MacBook Pro 2019 with the 8 core i9 cpu, 16gb of ram(can’t upgrade), 512 ssd, a Radeon 560x $2369.99 or a Asus Strix Hero 3 with i7 9750h, 512 MVME 2.1 ssd, option to add a ssd, 16gb of ram upgradable to 32gb, and a full RTX 2070 (not max q). $1599.99 computer will be used for graphic design, 3D design and rendering, video editing and gaming. which is better? I would like the Mac but like that ram cannot be upgraded and it had a Radeon 560x. I will use programs rams such as Adobe photoshop, premiere Lightwave 2D, Blender.