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  1. This laptop has separated fans and heatpipes for cpu and gpu. I'm just focusing on gpu right now since it is the one giving me problems with temps.
  2. I was just joking hehe but thanks! I do understand that, what I meant to ask is how do you actually undervolt the gpu through msi afterburner or any other program? and I just noticed that the fan tab is missing in msi afterburner.
  3. So I just received my new laptop yesterday (w650kk1) and I want to achieve better temps through undervolting. I got msi afterburner and I have watched many videos about it but I just don't get it I see that they set the frequency higher at x voltage point, but isn't that just squeezing out the extra voltage that goes through the gpu? Or am I just plain dumb? Please help!
  4. Seems like a good mouse, out of the budget tho,
  5. Thank you all for your suggestions!
  6. The g203 was in my sight but at the moment it was available only in refurbished models... and it's cheaper than the g502, maybe I take the g203
  7. Perhaps there is a company that has a warehouse in the US and then ships it to australia? That is what I do when I buy stuff online because I live in Honduras. It may void your warranty tho!
  8. g502 would be ideal. I'll try to save a bit more and perhaps buy it, thanks!
  9. You mean harpoon? The g100s looks a lot like what I'm looking for but many revies say it doesn't last long? I guess they might torture it too much since durability can be a subjective issue?
  10. Thanks I have seen mixed reviews on it tho
  11. Any other options you would recommend aside from the g500s and g400s?
  12. I am looking for a simple good quality basic mouse.What I mean is that I only need left and right click+ scroll wheel,1-3 side buttons is ok but not more than that. I have not so big hands and use a hybrid claw/fingertip grip. Please don't recommend mouse that look like an rgb christmas tree A few accents here and there is ok but nothing that calls attention too much. I was looking at the g402 but it's a bit expensive ($45), but I can handle it. What other mouse would you recommend? Max budget is $45 and amazon pricing only, thanks!
  13. I went to look for some benchmarks and you're mostly right. Difference in fps is minimal. I guess I will go with 8gb and a new mouse hehe, thanks!