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  1. i'll do a reinstall of both once the update is finished, thanks. pagefile is fine too
  2. Would windows still detect both sticks if one wasn't properly installed? I checked for updates, and it "wasn't" doing anything untill i clicked check for update and it suspiciously found something that was 67% installed, i'll see if this was it
  3. having some trouble on my girlfriend's computer, she's experiencing hiccups that didn't happen before (I installed an SSD recently), especially when opening games and programs, which is typical of ram limited systems, so i checked it out and sure enough, 90% of her 8 gigs are being used on a blank desktop, and when I open task manager, the processes open don't add up, chrome was hogging like 100 megs from a couple googles I ran while I took the screenshot, and I'm aware windows will eat up a ton for caching, but most i've seen on my own PC is 50%... Any thoughts what this could be? Pretty sure this wasn't happening when windows was booting from her HDD
  4. I tried: route ADD MASK and got parameter is incorrect, tried adding a number at the end as a metric and got bad argument >_>
  5. ok, finding the IP of those servers wasn't hard, lul. so what would be the command to add the mask? im kinda confused. these are the dota 2 servers:
  6. Ok, get the logic behind it, kinda. so I'd have to find out the IP of the Dota 2 SA server? or servers? and then route traffic to those IPs via my 4g gateway, ( and everything else will go naturally through my ethernet ( How would i go about finding out their IP?
  7. recently moved, got fibre installed for the first time, yay, except it sucks, super unstable, packet loss galore, don't really know if its the network they installed that's bad or the configs they're using on the huawei spy router they left me, but while i don't get it fixed, i'm using my phone to at least play some dota without massive packet loss, question is.. TL;DR: I have ethernet, and a 4g modem, 4g modem works better for gaming, (sadly), ethernet works best for youtubes. Is there a program that routes all dota/steam connections through the 4g modem, and routes everything else through the fibre? so i can do both at the same time without either eating my mobile data or getting crazy lag in games? edit: i did a quick google before i posted, found a thing called forcebindIP, but that thing is like, command-line stuff that " might" have worked on a win7 machine back in 2013...so....
  8. problem only starts after a start a match in dota, and persists after i close it, can that be tested in safe mode? the logitech gaming software allows macro keys, but i closed that :-\
  9. the issue happens with NO keyboard at all :-\ even if it was a hardware issue, the on-screen keyboard would register it as a yellow keypress, not blue, its the blue that's driving me mad.
  10. im running out of ideas here, but its driving me insane. All keys becomes shortcuts, computer becomes unusable, can't type anything anywhere, reboot the computer and the issue is gone. the one thing i DID find is that when the on-screen keyboard is up, and ctrl becomes stuck, it becomes BLUE. normally the ctrl+alt+win+fn keys on the on-screen keyboard are yellow when pressed... sticky keys is off, and all the ease of access keyboard settings are turned off. its not a hardware issue, because the key will remain stuck with or without a keyboard plugged in... i can't figure out what it is... anyone ever heard of this? or know what the blue keys on the on-sreen keyboard means?
  11. i've never actually forgotten a phone password so i'm not sure, but in the end wouldn't the phone be wiped anyway?... i mean... if the owner of the phone doesn't have access to it anymore i'm sure he can't make a valid argument to it not being wiped... in my opinion this case is going about this the wrong way... if they have the information that he did indeed try to extort the victim into paying, just write that down, and if those (or any pictures, for that matter) of her get leaked online, the police already know who did it... now put yourself in that guy's shoes: you tried to make some money threatening to leak some nudes from a chick, but now, not only do you go to jail if you leak them, but if any other @#*hole leaks nudes of her you'll also go to jail, because you didn't provide the evidence/pictures you had of her, so there is no way of knowing if the ones leaked were yours or not... boy you're (@#&ed now, aren't you?
  12. well sure, its in portuguese however... but it says something like "its not possible to open this application, microsoft Edge cant be opened using the internal administrator account, login with a different account and try again"
  13. booting up in safe mode greeted me with an instant "action denied" error, rest is the same, no viruses, nothing in task manager that i don't recognize...
  14. it is steam games, but there is no spinning HDD on the machine, nor does it give me access to flash drives or external hard drives to back up to :-\ i highly doubt it, literally all it has ever done is install steam games, and some nvidia drivers... (edit: i did run defender, just in case, got nothing) i'm not sure how to open safe mode without the run command... let me go try it out.