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    ryzen 3 1300x
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    idk some b350 thing Matx
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  1. they are MUCH faster, so v.good for loading times.
  2. try flip whatever the current hardware acceleration setting is that can cause weirdness in some systems
  3. To a regular PC builder: nothing To someone whos looking for this specific oem thing: $30
  4. yeah that sounds pretty dead to me
  5. yeah 80C isnt great but isnt terrible you dont wanna run it at that 24/7 but for an ordinary gaming session its fine. it you wanna lower it turn on Vsync or lower your gpu clocks a bit
  6. yup in the classifieds section
  7. its a setting in "sounds" in the tab called communication
  8. take out the hard drive and get stuff off it
  9. is there a fan or pump connected to the cpu fan header?
  10. im guessing its a custom pc, can you show a pic of the internals?
  11. put thermal paste on it, you might've killed it tho
  12. change the default program, its burried somewhere in windows settings
  13. yeah all looks good no major issues maybe more ssd
  14. did you re-apply thermal paste? also how hot was said heat?