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  1. Tran

    Microphone sounds muffled

    I reverted back to the old update and it seem to be the update cause my mic works fine now. I'm just gonna wait for them to fix everything from that update cause I heard its pretty buggy atm. Thank you for your help
  2. I just came back from vacation and was forced to update to the new windows, when I began talking my friends told me my mic sounded muffled and I don't know what to do now. I've restarted my PC and I still sound muffled. Is it because of the new Windows 10 Update? I have a Audio Tech At2020
  3. I just fixed it somehow by having the PC on, and unplugging the USB connected to the block and replugging it, and now its detecting it.
  4. I did download iCue a couple of months ago and it didn't detect anything at all so I turned to Link and though it was resolved
  5. yea I do, I unplug and replug them just today too to make sure it was plug in fully. I circled where I plug the other end of the usb
  6. https://imgur.com/a/egfgV6m Does anyone know how to fix this? H100i not getting detected at all, Corsair USBXp driver isn't showing up, I tried to troubleshoot on windows and it can't find the problem.
  7. Yes, I do actually., I have iCUE. But every time I go on it, it says that there's no device connected. Edit: So I went to Device Manager and Uninstalled the driver and Scan for hardware change to reinstall and it seemed to have fixed it. But when I restart my computer the problem comes up again. Also looked into BIOS and saw the pump RPM was at 0
  8. https://imgur.com/a/5y1s3K8 This is how my CPU is looking like, been on for a couple of hours. Is this good?
  9. So I was checking out the settings in Windows 10 and it said that I had a driver problem with one of my parts in my PC, so I troubleshoot and it said that my CPU cooler (H110i GT) is having a driver problem. Should I be worried, if so what should I do cause I've tried to do the troubleshoot but Windows couldn't fix it.
  10. Lenovo Premium 15.6” FHD (1920x1080) on Amazon?
  11. Okay so I watched Linus’s video of “budget laptops for school” he made a month ago and they seem to be far out of my price range. I’m here to ask anyone if they have any decent laptops for school around maybe the $400 range
  12. Tran

    Internet help?

    could buying a nighthawk get better speeds?
  13. Tran

    Internet help?

    I literally get 13.1 Mbsps and 1.07 Upload on Speedtest by ookla it says i have 16.88 down and 1.73 up