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  1. Hello Yesterday when I was going to bed I put my computer in sleep mode. Today after doing my daily deeds and arriving home I get the "storage not seated or not connected properly" message, where I can choose to repair with a windows creation tool. However in the BIOS only one SSD is found in the boot menu, I have already re seated every ssd and hdd in my computer but at no success. 2 HDDs 2 SATA SSDS 1 M2 ssd Only one kingston ssd is found in the BIOS Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  2. Mine died a couple of weeks ago after two years. I would recommend something different, just to be on the safe side
  3. What kind of CPU do you have? If you have a Intel CPU you could try to use the iGPU in the CPU to get video just connect your monitor to motherboard, head on over to device manager and disable the Intel Integrated graphics (dont delete it) and then turn off your computer, connect your GPU, plug your monitor to your GPU and hopefully you'll get video output. I had to do this a couple of days ago when i tried to test an R9 390X. It worked like a charm.
  4. This sounds like my issue aswell. I guess my 980Ti is dead, because the 770 is running like it should be, and i get the same performance as my 980Ti which has been another problem of mine for quite a while. Guess i'll have to upgrade
  5. 1. 550 watts, in theory it should be enough however i know the VS series is pretty bad. 2. I've searched for similar issues but people only have problems with the fan and some overclocking issues. My fans are running fine and i've even gone down to stock speeds because i thought that was one of the causing factors. Anyway I don't think so. 3. No but a DP is only like $30 so I can pick one up on Monday or Tuesday. 4. I have no issues with buying new hardware but would love to maybe resolve the issue? Money isn't exactly burning a hole in my pocket but I can squeeze out some alright hardware. 5. No warranty unfortunately. But that means I can fiddle with the card itself if I have to Edit: I have borrowed an old 770, I'll test if it also blackscreens. Gonna take a couple of hours though
  6. Hello I've made a topic here before about how my 980Ti is performing much worse than it should be performing, now i seem to have another issue. Recently, my computer will suddenly just blackscreen. Doesn't matter if i play a game or if im on the desktop. It seems every couple of hours it just black screens and my monitors say "DVI/HDMI etc not found" meanwhile i can still hear sound in the background which makes me believe it can only be due to my video card. I'm not sure if it might be because my PSU is very bad (orange tier VS550) or because my video card is just slowly dying on me. I've DDU'd my computer multiple times, ive tweaked the power limit in Afterburner but eventually my computer will just blackscreen, audio will bug out, then the audio will return. Any ideas? I'm open for anything really. Thank you so much in advance
  7. I tried this but only ended up with a blackscreen after a while
  8. I have always considered upgrading my PSU before anything else. I will try tomorrow with a 850w PSU to test my luck. My PSU is pretty old and according to the tier list it's also one of the worser ones you can get. I didn't use DDU before swapping but i did use it after I swapped the cards. Even if something did go wrong, wouldn't using DDU fix the issue even though i ran it after installing the new video card? I also tried it one more time before I re-installed windows earlier today but with no luck. Let's hope it's inadequate power to the GPU.. I'm still open for suggestions!
  9. Alright. I guess it's just a bottleneck. That was one of my suspicions, because in The Witcher 3 i get 60+fps on Ultra where as my 960 couldnt do that at all But it's still pretty weird though. I get that in theory it shouldn't increase by a lot but surely it shouldn't decrease in performance either?
  10. Hey Last August I bought a used 980Ti and swapped it out for my 960. Ever since then my computer has been performing worse in certain games eg: Overwatch and CS:GO. However in The Witcher 3 i can run everything on ultra and still get above 60FPS I bought the 980Ti because I have a 144hz monitor. I really don't care about the graphics so in most FPS games i run everything at low settings to get atleast 144fps In Overwatch my settings are everything set to low/off with 75% render scale. In teamfights where the framerate matters, i get around 90 fps. My 960 used to get around 120 with the same settings. Same thing goes for CSGO, much lower framerate than what i used to get. UserBenchmarks: Game 90%, Desk 66%, Work 47% CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 - 74.1% GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 Ti - 99.7% SSD: Samsung PM810 2.5" 7mm 128GB - 47.9% HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB - 115.3% RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR4 3200 C18 2x8GB - 67.9% MBD: Asus B150M-A My PSU is a VS550 from Corsair. I know it's bad but my system was a prebuilt system 4 years ago. They cheaped out on the PSU Ram is being bottlenecked by my mobo because it only supports up to 2133Mhz I formatted everything today and re-installed Windows on my SSD just to absolutely make sure there's nothing wrong with a driver or something like that. Is my GPU being bottlenecked by my processor? Do I have to invest in a better mobo/CPU? Perhaps i need a more powerful PSU? I'm running out of ideas here. I'd love some help
  11. Following! My current setup is Corsair Strafe Keyboard G402 Mouse My headset is the HyperX Cloud 1 Acer S202HL