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  • CPU
    Intel I5-6600k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Gaming M5 Z170
  • RAM
    16 gb (2x8gb) Gskill ddr4
  • GPU
    MSI gaming x 1070
  • Case
    Coolermaster Haf evo XB
  • Storage
    Intel 540 SSD
  • PSU
    Evga G2 750w
  • Display(s)
    BENQ XL2430 144hz
  • Cooling
    Coolermaster 212 Haf Evo
  • Keyboard
    Ducky Shiny 6 (Cherry Blue)
  • Mouse
    Zowie FK2
  • Sound
    Shp9500s w/ Vmoda boompro mic
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Hey, so recently (after no changes) my usb ports wont work after booting windows 10 for a few minutes. If i boot up bios, it will work immediately, Nothing changed from the time it worked to when it stopped. If i unplug and replug the usb ports it wont work. One thing i noticed is when i unplug and plug in my mouse, the laser's light will blink and not turn on again. Anyone know why? Also, idk if this is relevent but before any of this started happening, the windows search bar sometimes wont pull up anything that i type.
  2. Lethalmonk

    Steam Link alternative?

  3. Lethalmonk

    Steam Link alternative?

    @shooter2749 @DrMacintosh Do you own one? How is it for steaming
  4. Lethalmonk

    Steam Link alternative?

    its $10 rn including shipping (unless u had anything else in mind) Do you think this will be good enough for what i need? will it open applications on windows that arent steam?
  5. Lethalmonk

    Steam Link alternative?

  6. Lethalmonk

    Steam Link alternative?

    Looking for a streaming device to stream from my desktop to a tv for playing single player games and streaming movies from vlc, youtube etc
  7. Lethalmonk

    spilled a little bit pepsi in my keyboard

    Pretty sure there is a vid from LTT regarding how to clean and do maintenance on a keyboard. I had something similar happen to me where i spilled keyboard in my pepsi. All worked well afterwords .
  8. Lethalmonk

    G403 Wireless or G203

    Its honestly just preference. Pick the comfiest one, they are both good, although i have heard a more on the g403.
  9. Lethalmonk

    Search for my first mechanical keyboard

    Keyboards with Cherry switches and PBT keycaps are usually safe to assume that they are of good quality.
  10. Lethalmonk

    Best headphones for my needs?

    shp-9500(s) read any review..
  11. Lethalmonk

    New Chair Help

    Try not to get chairs made of bonded leather. itll tear apart quickly. Try to get a used steelcase or herman miller chair off craigslist. Otherwise, Staples has a comfy chair called the Hyken (pretty popular but may be a bit off for really tall people) and the ikea markus is decent (hyken is better imho).
  12. Lethalmonk

    What is the best chair?

    I know a guy who is top 500 in OW (judging by ur icon i suppose u play it) and plays on a wooden chair. Racing chairs are meant for simulating bucket seats for people who are racing. They arent the greatest for comfort, otherwise youd see them a lot more often in cars... If i were you, go on craigslist and look for a herman miller chair (aerons are good) or steelseries for $300-400. Otherwise your local office store is your best bet. Go there and find the most comfortable chair. Gamers arent good by peripherals, they are good by skill and game sense. Look at Tyler1, he plays on an "outdated" pc, a cheap mouse and keyboard from walmart and uses a cheap headset. Yes the logitech headset is crap compared to decent ones.
  13. Lethalmonk

    Search for my first mechanical keyboard

    ima tell you the absolute truth... Your probably looking for the keyboard with the best functions, rgb, macros etc. But take it from me whos been through the same thing. Unless u need the macros or something specific, just go with the keyboard with your favorite switch and try and get PBT keycaps (although, keyboards with designated buttons for lowering/raising volume does come in handy). Besides that, nothing really matters, just get whichever is in budget that looks the nicest. RGB is cool and all but u never really notice it besides when u walk to and from your computer. (most of the time i completely forgot i had it). Its more of something to lure in a buyer (kinda like nicer packaging but nothing inside. Warranty is more important than all of those gimmicks (even if you dont use it, its not like youll be using the gimmicks to often either.) I have a Ducky shine 6, Nice keyboard overall, no problems, pretty well built and sturdy.The Rgb is nice but if i could go back id just get their ducky ones or get a simplier/cheaper cherry blue PBT keycap keyboard.
  14. Anyone know of a good $150 ergonomic chair?