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  1. Water recently spilled into my tower (i know, i died too) and after powering it off and drying parts and cleaning parts off with isopropyl alcohol, the audio seems to be the only thing damaged (thank god because the 1080ti was in there!). To fix this i'm looking into getting an external dac and amp. I have been drawn to the modi 2 and magni 3. Im dead set on geting the magni, but because i also need a dac (none of the 3.5mm jack audio headers work on my motherboard) im also getting a modi, however, i dont know which version to get because im new to the dac/amp scene and dont fully understand what each version's differences are. So, if someone could help me understand what the differences between the 3 modis are, id greatly appreciate. Also as a side-note, the uber version is on backorder and i need these sooner than they'll be in stock, would it be worth it to upgrade to the multibit version? Thanks!! edit: also i should add that i plan on adding speakers to the mix as well... if that helps
  2. Those headphones look sick. My setup isn't very special except for the mouse, rocking a Logitech G502, after that headphones are a decent pair of jabra vegas, no mousepad and the keyboard that came with the computer.