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  1. What resolution should i be using?

    You should either scale it up or use the highest resolution image you can find.
  2. Stuck Pixel, Canon Rebel T5

    Read the manual for the camera. It would tell you where the sensor cleaning function is in the menu. If there absolutely isn't a self cleaning function, search how to clean the sensor by hand CAREFULLY. You can use the mirror lock up function to do this. Cleaning by hand is always a last resort.
  3. Rate the Photo Above you

    I really like how you got the flag in the droplets in camera. That picture also screams AMERICA! (In a good way) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This picture has much better subject separation, other than maybe that stick behind the dragon fly.
  4. Rate the Photo Above you

    I also like how it's in black and white. It makes the fish almost ghost-like. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's mine, I flicked some water on the flowers as I was watering them. I have also posted this on imgur, just in case anyone comes across it there and thinks I stole it.
  5. Rate the Photo Above you

    Thanks, yours is really nice, I like how you got the reflection! When I took mine of the birds I thought of it as the one on the right is screaming and althe one on the left is saying "I don't know him" your's is a funny interpretation too!
  6. Rate the Photo Above you

    Do you have a website or something? You could pm it to me. I'd love to see more of your work!
  7. Rate the Photo Above you

    Now, I don't do portrait work, so i might not be the best to critique, but I quite like the up-closeness of it. I can't find much fault in it. What did you use for lighting? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- There were some very noisy birds on my roof. Not edited, very overcast day, cropped a bit (there was half a bird on the right edge).
  8. Rate the Photo Above you

    It might be a little out of focus, but to me, it looks alright and kinda helps it. I like how you composed it so that the foreground mountain falls off to the right and the one behind it falls off the opposite direction. I don't shoot with Fuji so I don't know what their color reproduction is like but the colors seem true to me and the shadows still have detail. Maybe you might want to add a splash of another color besides the greens and the blues, like a kite, flag or something. Overall, 8/10! My picture a flower on a vine on a lamp post. I took it with a Canon 77D with a 35-80mm lens @35mm, f/4, ISO 100, and a 1/320s exposure time.
  9. LG K7 lock screen clock

    Bump, cuz no one has answered
  10. LG K7 lock screen clock

    I have an K7, a kinda cheap LG phone and was wondering if anyone know how to change the clock on the lock screen to an analog clock. Thanks for any answers! Edit: I have Android 5.1.1 if that helps.
  11. Why does everyone hate Razer?

    In the Razer Blade 4K Review video, Linus goes over all the problems they have had with their Blades.
  12. Why does everyone hate Razer?

  13. Rate the Photo Above you

    I really like how the third shot framed, 10/10 nice job. -------------------------------------------------------------- I went to dc recently and brought along my gopro as it is the best camera I have, it's a Hero5 session, I took these in 10mp linear mode. That makes it less fish-eyed than the other option, 10mp wide. This is from the National Botanic Gardens. I have other photos from that I have not looked at yet and might post later.
  14. It's a pretty simple problem, I got a GoPro for Christmas and used it while skiing. GoPros create .mp4 files and Davinci Resolve does not support .mp4. I can import the video but when it is placed in the media pool it is just audio. I know that there is a transcode function in the media manager but I can't figure out how to start the transcode. Any ideas?
  15. Broken socket dangers

    Memory related issues are usually a symptom of bent/broken pins. You seem to have plenty of those. Good luck.