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  1. Howdy all, I'm in the business for a new case and am struggling a bit with some specifics, any suggestions are greatly appreciated (and if this is under the wrong forum please tell me). Here are the specifics: I'm a bit of a sucker for white builds, and my components suit, so I'd like a white case. Support for a 280mm (or in a dream scenario 360mm) radiator (not slim, including fans) which can be mounted on the top, without having to do any mods or otherwise and without interfering with ram. I'm aware I can get better breathing if I front mount it but I much prefer the look on the top. A side panel, preferably tempered glass but I'll survive if it isn't. Finally, a clear/transparent/in some way see-through front panel, I'd like to be able to see my fans through the front panel instead of just having their light splash into the case. From my findings so far, I've only located the Corsair 680x, which matches all the conditions but is a bit... swole. Also the Lian Li Alpha 550 which from my understanding has been discontinued (I think I saw one on Amazon but it doesn't deliver to Australia. Overall, this shouldn't be as difficult as it is, it's just the moment you want it in white and a top mounted radiator you're not playing with much. I don't intend to make others do my shopping but I've really been having some trouble. Once again, any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I'm very new to Adobe Premier elements and I'm just attempting to use to make a quick edit with a video, it seems however that I've run into a problem. I've got an MP4 of Shrek which I need to make a quick edit to (don't ask), and when inserted into the application (via either means of dragging/dropping or searching and inserting the file) the video works fine, but I only seem to have the background audio, by that I mean that I can hear the instrumental but no vocals from any of the characters. At first this seems like a headphones problem, where it's only coming through one of the channels, however everything in the movie works fine when viewed in any other software (films and tv, windows media player, etc). So is there any clear quick fix for this? I'm very new so assume I know nothing, be gentle. :)
  3. Can't quite remember at the moment. Will check when I get home from school. But I believe I'm sitting at around 60-65 when in use and about 45 at idle. Again, these change drastically in the summer.
  4. I've overclocked the 7600k to 4.8 ghz, so at the moment I'm sitting at about 40-45C idle and about 70-75C when playing games. So although I don't necessarily NEED the 360, it would help. Also RGB... (Also Australia is going into summer soon and room temps are gonna get really hot)
  5. Roughly what temps are we talking here for the GPU though (let's just assume cpu is on 100%).
  6. So I've decided to upgrade my cooling to a Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360, (currently I have the maelstrom 120k aio liquid cooler). But my problem is with my case... Currently I own the Thermaltake view 27 and the only place to mount it is on the front, after reading some forums I found it may not be the best idea to mount it there as I'll draw hot air into the case. So what is everyone's thoughts on this? I've got an i5 7600k with a gigabyte gtx 1070 in standard configuration (facing down). Thanks in advance -Mr Mindstorms
  7. Wow, what a prize! Currently I'm using a Logitech G402 mouse, a cougar deathfire keyboard, a pdp afterglow lvl 5 headset (yes I know they are made for consoles) and one of those speed cup stacking mats as a big mouse pad.