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  1. Thanks great guide. My VPN is working just fine. However, I have a minor problem. Since I decided to use DigitalOcean as service provider Netflix is blocking my connection and I get the Proxy error. Can any one confirm that Netflix works on Vultr IPs? My guess it that Netflix algorithm is tagging DO IPs as they are seen as ISP. I've tried other services and everything seems to be working.
  2. I just got an AOC G2590FX and I'm loving the 144hz . The problem is that I have a GTX 960 and seems that "G Sync Compatible" is not available on the 900 series. Is there anything I can tweak to get te best of my setup besides upgrading the card?
  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Since it does not have a microsd reader I would like to buy an external reader and transfer data via micro USB port. What are good alternatives on the market in terms of speed, reliability and price?
  4. My current peripheral setup is the Logitech MK320 wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo. I'm also using the Sentey Earbuds Metal Audiophile Level In-ear Headphones Earphones, these are not very good as they fall from my ears very often, even when I'm not moving. It would be nice to have an upgrade to my setup.