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    Majuro, Marshall Islands
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    Gaming, drawing, jujutsu, reading, playing the piano, morning walks, and many more.
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    In my senior year of High School, planning to major in Computer Science and Medical Science (maybe).
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    Worked at my country's power plant.
  1. Hi!

    I am sure Kevin will!
  2. Hi!

    Interesting thought there, @Canada EH.
  3. Hi!

    Haha, I see! Analyze it for both of us.
  4. Hi!

    Hahaha, hi! I just learnt that you can use the "quote" option under a post/comment if you want to reply to someone (like I'm doing now). Also, if you have ever used twitter and such, you can mention someone with "@name." Not sure if you have already known these, but hey, at least I tried.
  5. Wishful thinking!

    Thank you very much for your list! I'll keep these games in mind! Have a great day!
  6. Wishful thinking!

    Depends. The laptop I'm using cannot really run games. So, I tend to search on Youtube for great, story-driven games. To answer your question, I would try to get the good, story-driven games regardless of my system's spec. Well, any games that you'll recommend to me, because it seems like you have knowledge of amazing games that I don't even know about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @LoGiCalDrm, hope you can list some recommendations! Thanks, once again!
  7. Wishful thinking!

    Yeah, I agree. Games with great stories beat graphic-orientated games. But, sometimes you want to experience beautiful games with beautiful graphics (in my opinion, cause I have never had the chance yet).
  8. Wishful thinking!

    Ah! I will add you on steam. Tomorrow is Friday, I'll download it. I have a problem, though: crappy laptop but I'm sure I can get decent FPS at the lowest settings.
  9. Wishful thinking!

    Wow! Thanks for the heads up. I did not know that you have to "quote" someone to reply to their comments/posts! Nice. I heard from my teacher that DOTA is fun and I should try it out. I might start around next month!
  10. Wishful thinking!

    Hahaha, my bad! Let's be realistic then
  11. Hi!

    Aww. Hope you get better!
  12. Hi!

    Everything is great, Perple_stuff! Just procrastinating too much.
  13. Wishful thinking!

    If you were to be given an ultimate gaming PC, what games would you buy and why?
  14. Show off your latest purchase!

    Bought a water bottle! Yes, it was worth it!
  15. Hi!

    Hello, Jari Parial and Mug! I'm also new here! Nice to meet everyone.