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  1. hey so i have a .jar file which i want to execute using java although whenever i download it, it is set to default as a winrar file. I have tried changing this default but there are no other options and i need it to become a java .jar file. I have installed java but when i try open with there is no option to use java se binary which is the option that i need. Is there any solution anyone can help me with polease Thank you so much in advance
  2. yeah he could but for now can u build one on pcps plz
  3. like around $5000. he more wants it for mining but like he will probe play overwatch and like medium intensity games
  4. so can you build him more of a mining build on pcpp
  5. i have no idea what that means but lol
  6. well, he just wants a powerful pc like i mine with one gnu which doesn't get much but still. he wants more of a mining build
  7. YO, so i have a friend who watnts to build a computer for btw mining, gaming and basically everything but he has said something that he wants to have a quantum cpu but I don't understand him. Could someone plz explain to me this and/or create a good build for gaming, btw mining and everyday use which is cost effective but very powerful Thanks
  8. wait, i thought i could just plug 1 card into all monitors and have 1 plugged into mobo which I setup only for mining in mining software?
  9. oh whoops, soz haha. i just always say it. thanks
  10. thats siq man, cool. nis the rx580 or 480 better for ming than nvidia?
  11. yeah so like I just plug it in and assign that one for btc and the other I just leave?
  12. someone told me i dont want to sli them as they would be kinda turning it into 1 and I dont want that because I want one for mining and the other for the display and other games and stuff
  13. thanks so much man, I understand. What type of processor would I need to not bottleneck. i have Intel core i7 6700k? and what type of psu u think would be good. I have corsair rm650x?
  14. hi, so im mining btc on my pc bur when I use and mine obviously it slows down my pc because I only have 1 gpu. (Asus strix gtx 1060) so if I purchase another one of these how would I connect them as they dont have sli slots on them. Also, I was give nthe advice about purchasing an rx480 or the new ones they released, assign that for mining and leave my 1060 for my displays and gaming. What would be the best option?
  15. so the rx480 would just be mining and have no work on the display and then the 1060 would be the one for the displays and gaming??? DO i have to connect with sli or anything. wont the rx480 helpa bit for the primary display?? soz about all questions, can u just explain how I would do it?
  16. oh ok. would it work having a 1060 +rx480 together
  17. Does anyone know how you can run 2 asus strix gtx 1060's in one pc together if they dont have sli????
  18. i was also thinking of getting a second gpu around christmas or black friday as they will be cheaper