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  1. i dont think that i have the batch file but how do i find out. and i dont know how to do that last part
  2. hi i want a program to start on start up and this was what it siad I heard about some people having problems running the script directly at startup for example via shortcut in the startup folder. One solution to this is using a batch-script (.bat) with the following contents and executing it at startup: cd /D "C:\Full\Path\To\Script\PoE-TradeMacro" start Run_TradeMacro.ahk i want to try and understand and do what ever this is ps if this is not the right category say what is the right one. and
  3. I just put a new mother board in my computer and it came up with the message is over current detect in usb divide. I have already tried disconnecting usb cables on the motherboard it it is an msi board if that helps
  4. i need a new good quality motherboard with an lga 1150 socket that is below $100 thanks ps i am Australian ask if you need any more info
  5. thanks for both of your help ok thank you both of you
  6. just got a used gpu frome my brother (r9 280) and some times my computer screen will freeze and go black and it will have like some pixels and my fans in the pc will go to full and i have gotten rid of all drivers and reinstall them and my psu is evga 500b
  7. it is my brothers old gpu and it was working on his pc. screenshots of what, it just said r9 200 series
  8. hi i opened msi afterburner and it says that my gpu is is microsoft basic display adapter ev though i have a r9 200
  9. hi i got an old grafics card from my brother (it is a AMD radeon r9 200) i just got skirim and i was playing it when the game froze monetor when of back on (still frozen) and off again and then it restarted and i dont know why but if this helps these are some specs cpu: Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition G3258 gpu it is a AMD radeon r9 200 ram:Crucial 8GB (2 x 4GB)
  10. hi i downloaded a file of a website and when it downloaded my google chrome crashed and when i tried to open it it opened another google chrome tab that the one that wwas pined on my task bar and it had as a home page it has youndoo i searched it up online and flowed all the steeps bit still opens a new google chrome tab and now all my passwords are gone including my bank account and i am worded that the google crome tab that i am on now is spy wear
  11. yes and i tried it with other devices and it works fine
  12. my phone dose not charge and if it dose it repeatedly charges and stops i have tried cleaning out the ports but it still will not work if this helps it charges when it is off and it has no charge in it thanks
  13. djdwosk97 i have a vs 350 psu cpu is penten g3258 ram silocone vally 2x4 gb motherbors h81pro btc r9 280 stock fan
  14. i just put it in my pc and now it is turning off and on and when i went in to a game it crashed cheaking if it is power supply related problem
  15. how much power does the r9 280 use on average
  16. i am looking for a good lga 1151 ddr3 motherbord that is a good price that can overclock
  17. the title say most of it i was thinking of upgradin my pc and i want to know what parts i need to upgrade ps i know i have to upgrade my motherbord thanks