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    i5-6600k (4.8ghz)
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    Asus Z170 Pro
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    Gskill Ripjaws 4 3200mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX 1080ti FE

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  1. I currently have 16gb 3200 hz, wouldnt a 2600 be a downgrade from a i7-8700, I can go higher than $200, thats just the price my buddy was offering to sell that to me since it was the price he bought if for.
  2. So Ive been rocking my 6600k for a good while now but I know its time for a upgrade. I was toying with the idea of going to the 3600, but figured that I might as well wait for the new Ryzen chip launch next year, however a friend of mine who is obsessed with craigslist bought a i7 8700 non k ,B360 mobo, with 2400 hz 16gb of ram combo for 200 (Pre-pandemic) that he planned on just flipping so he kindly offered it to me for that price if I wanted it. While I don't really like the idea of being a "dead" platform, it would be a significant upgrade for pretty cheap. What are y'all thoughts? wait for new Ryzen should be promising or take this deal while I got it?
  3. Need help picking which 5600XT to get, I had heard some had thermal issues and wanted to know which ones to stay away from. I was going to go with the Sapphire Pulse since sapphire always seems to have 0 problems with their coolers, but want to hear what you guys think? Thanks!
  4. I've got the Samsung space monitor, it only has two ports a HDMI and a Mini DisplayPort. I want too hook my switch up so I can stop yanking the HDMI cord out every time. Anyone have any idea what cable I need, if i want to go from my gpus full size DisplayPort to a Mini DisplayPort on the monitor?
  5. Ive seen this thing! its pretty awesome technology, ugly as sin but very interesting
  6. I'm looking to add a pocket shooter to my very amateur photography set up, while I know my way around a camera, I've never had a mirrorless or a point and shoot for very long so not fully knowledgeable in the field. But I am planning a couple week long vacation trip and don't really wanna bring around my DSLR and lenses. So when a buddy of mine sent me an ad for a Panasonic GM1 locally for around $265. Obviously I'm interested in getting it so cheap, but feel free to recommend something else was looking to not spend more than $800. Was also looking at Sony rx mark 3
  7. Yup that's what I found out when I was reading it, I purchased the essential phone, I'll give it a shot.
  8. Not that I cant afford more than,I financially could, but morally wont. I dont know I just cant wrap my head around spending $600+ dollars on a cellphone, I get it that these phones have all the bells and whistles but would rather save the money or spend it on something else like my kids haha. Will have to read some more reviews though, I would rather have a reliable phone than a pretty one.
  9. Is this Sprint compatible? I didn't think any of the Asian phones were accepted on Sprints network.
  10. Cheers, Saw this and was thinking about it haven't followed it super closely but I did hear about multiple problems with the Essential Phone, camera, screen, and reception, are these fixed? Also dont worry bout the time I live in LA to ive got more time than you do :).
  11. Hey All, Currently in the market for a new phone, Stuck on sprint cause wifey accidentally renewed our contracts when she wanted a new phone instead of buying it unlocked, Not looking to spend more than $350, Could careless about 2017 bezel-less designs but care more about snappyness and ability to take quick photos when with the kids that dont look like I took it on a potato. Would prefer Refurbished or New, but wouldnt be opposed to used if it was a newer phone model. I currently have a Nexus 5x that I have loved for these last 3 years or so but after daily use I have blown out the headphone jack and the battery life is starting to slowly dwindle. One of my friends sent me a link to the HTC Bolt thats going for $200 right now, and from the reviews its got a mixed results. He also recommended looking into used deals for the Pixel 1st gen obviously. But just curious to get some other opinions.
  12. Buy it with your own risk, these boards while yes technically can support the power draw needed, your basically asking for the motherboard to die on you at some point since you are pushing it to its max basically.
  13. If im understanding you correctly, you bricked your motherboard (probably a cheap AM3+ board) using the FX 8120? This makes sense if you are using cheap motherboard the FX 8xxx chips are 125w chips that demand alot of power especially overclocked. I would recommend you getting a 990X / 990FX chipset motherboard. However I would be remissed if I didnt say before spending X amount on a new motherboard for your OLD cpu consider a platform move to Ryzen or Skylake/Kabylake/Coffeelake. They are the most modern revisions of AMD and Intels CPU architecture.