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  1. What I meant was that eg. foxconn works for apple so will you stop buying apple products? If your answer is yes then I guess that is a different perspective which I respect.
  2. There are laws surrounding unethical practices, you don't always have to vote with your wallet, if you do you might miss out on a better product (your loss). Getting malpractices known by creating noise like we all are doing right now is the best compromise imo.
  3. You can technically do that on windows by using the edge android app and OneDrive
  4. I don't think AMD will release new APUs on ryzen 3 launch. But it would be wise to wait as you already have a working sys that presumably does what you want. (Somewhat manages to atleast complete the task)
  5. I would say their bad videos have gotten worse but their good videos have gotten a lot better.
  6. You are trying really hard to be in the 'linus reacts to mean comments' videos.
  7. Try turning it off in nvidia control panel. To solve the problem itself try turning it off in the game's config file (its a .ini file in the game's main directory or in the save game folder) If this doesn't solve the problem try updating to the latest nvidia driver or the latest windows 10.
  8. You don't need to buy a cpu cooler for the i5, it comes with it.
  9. What do you mean by that? OLED can't have backlight bleeding because there is no backlight.
  10. Would a gasket maker work instead of an o-ring?
  11. See which motherboard is cheaper. You might save a lot on 300 series mobo.
  12. It usually has nothing to do with the native resolution of the monitor. Is your cpu not as good as your gpu? This seems to be the case as you are getting very unstable fps even at 1440p. Also do you have enough ram? Exact sys specs would be useful.