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  1. Have either of you ran into any cooling or acoustic problems having a 280 mounted at the front with that case?
  2. So i have an S340 Elite that I'm maybe considering cooling my future ryzen cpu in and was wondering about the most appropriate mounting positions for an AIO like the x63 in that case? I watched a gamer's nexus video recently showing that the pumps (if placed at the front of the case) should be on the bottom and not the top? does anyone have both of these products who can confirm that a mounting position like this is possible, or will it only fit with the pumps upright?
  3. After searching around also, the RMx units did come up a lot in terms of their quietness so I might go with a 650w or 750w one!
  4. Um i guess i have no set budget, just the cheapest unit while also remaining quiet/silent and high quality
  5. So my current PSU is an Antec HCG-620m and something I've noticed is that over the past few years, the most audible thing coming from my rig is in fact the PSU fan. It makes a kind of loud whine when spinning, it's heard above all of my other fans in my case and so I thought after having it for nearly 6 years now that I'd get a replacement. What would be a good recommendation for someone wanting a decent quality 650w-750w PSU that is quiet/silent and has some nice modulairty without those gross/stiff mustard cables, my plan is to power a 3070 and 5800x in the not so distant future, ty!
  6. This maybe a silly question, but my plan is to etiher pre-order a 3080 for the new batch or catch the 3070 at launch and was wondering how much faster are the more expensive varients compared to the cheapest ones? For example in our country, Galax always tends to be the cheapest board partner while Asus ROG Strix is literally $500 more expensive. Is that extra price worth it if all i really care about is relative performance? Or would i be fine going for the cheapest/cheaper options?
  7. Oh sorry it's AUD and would I be missing out on much by not going with X570?
  8. So I've been looking at the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk or MPG Gaming Plus or something similarly priced and hopefully plan on getting the 5600x
  9. So i have no prior ryzen cpu's or motherboards and plan on upgrading to Zen 3 at launch, would B550 motherboards generally work/boot out of box? or is there a possibility that i could get an older bios board and have to purchase another compatible cpu in addition just so i can upgrade the bios?
  10. So i have an i5 4590 and a GTX 1070, i eventually plan on upgrading both and was wondering if i should upgrade my cpu right now to something like the 3600? or would it be in my best interest to wait until December for the 5600x release? My plan was to upgrade to the 3070 (or maybe 3060 Ti) when they drop IF i can even get my hands on one and then wait for my platform upgrade after. Nothing is urgent right now and I don't really mind waiting, but yeah
  11. Thank you for all the comments, i guess I'll focus on upgrading to Zen 3 when it releases and catch a 3070 whenever i can after. Also one quick question, is the Cryorig H7 compatible at all with ryzen? or will i need to get another aftermarket cpu cooler
  12. So i have a i5 4590 and GTX 1070 with a bit of money saved up, but was wondering if i should upgrade my platform first to Zen 3 when that releases, or upgrade my GPU to something like the 3070 (I know RDNA 2 releases in October but I'm mostly set on nvidia as a platform) I know I'll eventually have to upgrade my CPU anyway if i want to take full advantage of a newer more powerful GPU like the 3070, but which upgrade do you guys think would show me a more immediate, bigger performance increase in most games?
  13. I've asked similar questions like this before, but would love a few more opinions. My current setup is an i5 4590, 16gb (2x8) DDR3 1600mhz Ram and a GTX 1070. Sometime later this year, i want to eventually make an upgrade but I'm not sure if i should focus on a newer and faster CPU or GPU? My initial plans were to upgrade my CPU since i know a lot of newer games favor more cores and more powerful ones, especially compared to the older 4590 so maybe something like a 3600 (or 4600 whenever the newer ryzen cpu's get released this year) I'd then have to add a new motherboard but will also be upgrading from DDR3 to much faster DDR4 memory, so i could also see some perfomance benefits from that also? Or instead of all that, i could focus first on a gpu upgrade? Maybe something like a 2070 or 2060 super, I'd wait for the 3060 but from the latest supposed price leaks it just seems like buying newer gen cards is a bad way to go for your wallet
  14. I see, so if in Far Cry 5 when i see my GPU usage drop much lower to like 60% and my CPU usage rise close to the 90-100% range, is that an example of when I might actually see a performance increase from a CPU upgrade? because in that game in particular, i don't think I've seen a single time where my 1070 reached 100% and the high CPU usage always tends to happen during the lowest fps moments