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  1. I have had an S6 Edge for a while and personally I love it! I have the 64gb version, which was kind of overkill but you can never have too much memory. The 2k screen is ridiculously nice especially for watching movies and such. The edge takes a while to get used to but after a week or so it's a nice feature. You don't notice it after a while, however I feel it's more apparent when looking at a normal phone, the edge just looks and feels nicer! The only downfall I've found is the battery. Although it's not awful and usually does last me a day, if you're using it a lot it could run out, especially while playing Pokemon Go I definitely don't see it as a deal breaker though! But otherwise, the phone runs quickly, smoothly and the everything stands out amazingly on the phone's screen! Feel free to ask if you need any further info about the S6.
  2. Thank you. So you don't see any problem in the heat from the back of the PS4 escaping through the back, rectangular hole? If I were to go ahead with this, I might buy a small usb fan, just to make sure air does actually escape the Storage Unit and doesn't just heat up the PS4. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the reply. As stated, I'll cut a hole in the back to dissipate the heat from the rear fans and the front will also be open, so it'll be in no means a closed area. The reason I'd do it would be to clear up some desk space, it'll also look pretty nice in my opinion, just sitting on a shelf underneath my desk.
  4. Does anyone have any previous experience with either using the IKEA Alex Storage Unit, or other similar style, open back and front storage units!? Thank you!
  5. Why's that? Due to the worry of it overheating!? Thanks
  6. Hello. I am thinking of putting my Playstation 4 console on a IKEA Alex Storage Unit Shelf (http://m.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/art/60192826/). The front door will not be put on and I will cut a rectangular hole on the back allowing for airflow, in from the front and out via the back. I will be using stilts (still not sure what I'll use to elevate the console) and there will be 2cm between the sides of the PS4 and the sides of the Storage Unit as shown in the imgur picture, http://imgur.com/06a6rnj Furthermore, there will be around 25cm between the back of the PS4 and the rear of the Storage Unit where the hole will be cut. I'm just wondering whether, with having two open side, the Playstation will overheat? Will an additional USB fan be needed or will I be perfectly fine? Thank you very much! Kind regards, Matt