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  • Birthday 2001-05-23

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    PC's Games Gaming and a little codeing
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    You can probably tell that I'm running a computer from 2015 and I would like a new one.
  • Occupation
    Being 17


  • CPU
    AMD A10 2.50 GHz (Quad core)
  • Motherboard
    A laptop
  • RAM
    8 GB
  • GPU
    It is a laptop so no
  • Case
    Asus laptop
  • Storage
    One 536 GB and one 365 GB
  • PSU
    It is a laptop
  • Display(s)
    1333x780 laptop Display
  • Cooling
    1 Dusty laptop fan
  • Keyboard
    Intergated laptop keyboard
  • Mouse
    I had a Razor Deathadder but it broke
  • Sound
    Intergated Speaker
  • Operating System
    64-bit Windows 8.1

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  1. No my browser supported the link just fine but I'm saying it didn't work as in the power didn't work it wouldn't cut on.
  2. I found a hidden sticker on the motherboard it says IUMU84207707 AA 718619-501
  3. Other than saying Intel inside Pentium II and having the numbers 2A491-T2
  4. But I do know the processors Intel Celeron 400 MHz CPU It is an Intel Celoron 400 MHz CPU
  5. I'm running a tablet so it won't let me post it up there.
  6. I don't know what type of motherboard this is and I would like to repair this computer but I need to know what the motherboard is to look at the repair guide or you could just tell me here.